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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Rustylee, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Well thanks to Jon I found Atlanta Barber Supply down in the same part of town as the new Georgia Aquarium.
    I was in there today and bought my first Merkur, a 23C. As a mater of fact I got the last one they had in the house. While it's not the top of the line it will get me started for now. There are some really nice folks in there. They are most helpful and except for the Merkurs now being out of stock they have a very nice selection.

    Rusty <><
  2. Rusty, Welcome to B&B:biggrin:
  3. Welcome. I think you'll enjoy the exploration. I highly recommend that you get the large sampler packs of blades from here and here. That will provide quite a few brands to explore and among them you will undoubtedly find some that provide you excellent shaves---unfortunately, which ones those are is unpredictable and different for different shavers. But at least the exploration is fun.

    (In the UK you can get a large sampler pack of blades here.
  4. Kyle

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    I will second Michael's recommendation for these blades. John is a first class guy to conduct business with and just a good dude in general.

    One note on getting a sampler pack, your goal right now should not be to try every blade on the market in search of a Best of Class blade. As a beginner, you just need a blade that works while you get familiar with good technique. Evaluating 20 different blades before you can rule out user error as factor is counterproductive. Stick with the popular/proven blades for now (Merkur, Feather, Crystal/Israeli Personna, Derby, and/or Swedish Gillette).
  5. And according to all reports from those who purchase from him, Giovanni is also good to do business with. It was in his large sampler pack of blades that I found my current "best blade": the Treet Blue Special. But since blades are so much YMMV, these may not be YOUR best blade. FWIW, before the Treet Blue Special my "best blade" was the Feather.
  6. I said it before on another thread but I think it bears repeating even if others don't agree with me: when you are first starting out I would NOT include a Feather blade in your initial trials. They are great blades and wicked sharp, but not for beginners. Stick with Israelis, Merkurs, maybe try some Wilkinson Swords, Swedes...wait until you are reasonable confident in your technique before you try the Feathers. They take a very light touch and a fair amount of skill to wield well, neither of which comes naturally to a new wetshaver.

    My opinion of course.
  7. I agree that a novice should not begin with the Feathers, but after working through several other brands (and thus having several weeks of practice), I would think he would be able to handle the Feathers. YMMV, of course.
  8. Kyle

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    Good advice. :thumbsup:

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