Getting Pain from Full-On ATG

Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by Boyextraordinare, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I've been trying full-on ATG this week and my face is on fire.

    Previously, for years, I'd been doing WTG then X.

    This week I've been getting experimental and going for total BBS - the trouble is, even when I've reduced my beard sufficiently, going against the grain is very painful and I get a lot of resistance.

    I feel the pain as I shoot for that last pass, and it lingers...

    Any suggestions?
  2. I cannot get BBS without doing a good hot towel soak. I can take a hot shower, I can wash my face with hot water, I can use Hot lather, but without having done a hot towel it matters not. If I do a hot towel soak I can use any old lather, hot or cold it matters not, I will get BBS and a superbly comfortable shave.
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    The simple answer is skip the ATG. Nothing wrong with a DFS.
  4. What's your prep like?

    For me a hot shower is a must before shaving. I use some oil pre shave and pre ATG pass. I rinse off with hot water between passes and I try and keep the blade warm as well.
  5. Hey BoyE,

    If you have reduced your beard sufficiently, than ATG shouldn't set your face on fire unless your technique is off (razor angle, pressure, removing too much skin during each pass, etc...), or your blade is dull and it yanks at your whiskers (what kind of razor are you using these days?) It also could be that your face simply cannot handle another pass... I would look towards your technique first, then the razor, then the blades...
  6. My technique is in check and I don't have sensitive skin. In fact, it's thick. But my hair is as coarse as it gets.

    I think I'm going to stick with my old two-pass method until I get a well-honed straight and learn how to strop it optimally.

    I've tried various things, hot towels, oil, other pre-shaves, switching to a new blade for my ATG pass - just doesn't work. IP to Feather nothing doesn't drag through it.

    I'm going to jump the straight bandwagon soon anyway - been using a shavette forever; recently got a true Str8, don't think it's honed enough and I'm not sure I'm stropping it well...

    On a side note, BBS doesn't look different on me than DFS - it just lasts longer. At least now I've an excuse to shave twice a day ;)
  7. +1 skip the BBS if its hurting your face
  8. Sometimes you just cant pull off the BBS regardless.
    I can get it on my cheeks , but trying for a true BBS on my neck is asking for trouble.

    All over BBS is something that i fear a good portion of us will never know.
  9. If you get a straight don't expect to get BBS off the bat (even though you have been using a shavette), I'm still trying after getting mine a month ago.

    What you might want to try when you get a straight in a WTG and XTG with the straight then ATG with the DE (I find that works better for me).

    Of if you're going straight only try to restrop the blade after a WTG and XTG pass so it's sharper for ATG

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