German WWII safety razor

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  1. Just picked this up from ebay... god knows why!:lol: It's a very thin handled German issued safety razor from WWII. Hardly Gillette quality!:blink:
  2. Any ID or any sort of marking on it anywhere?
  3. It looks gorgeous! The "Old Type" cap/guard is a thing of beauty and, coupled with a hefty and comfortable handle, makes for enjoyable and repeatable BBS shaves.

    Smooth shaving!
  4. Nothing on the razor itself... it says this on the box:


    332 I App 1055

  5. I am also interested if there is any marking on the razor or on the package, so that it`s origin can be confirmed. It would be also quite interesting which company produced them, if it is in fact an army issue.
  6. It looks quite hefty in the first pic, but it is actually quite small/slim and not particularly weighty. Here is it next to my HD:
  7. Making it light weight counts for a lot when you have to carry it on foot, or transport a whole battalion's worth by truck with all of the other gear.
  8. Absolutely. I have cleaned it up as best I can and will shave with it tomorrow morning to see how it performs.
  9. I bought one of the Pleese Israeli 1945 Palestine/British Mandate razors and I too am in love with it. How many razors have that kind of history?
  10. I have a Pleese and it's a great shaver. No reason why this German one can't be the same.
  11. Just had a shave with this old razor. It was ok WTG and XTG, but when I went ATG it was horrible and scratchy.

    Lightweight and slim - good for travel razor perhaps

    A bit too lightweight - forcing me to put extra pressure to cut whiskers properly
    Really struggled to get the blade to sit in straight.

    This razor is fir for the purpose it was designed for - very portable razor that does the job (to a certain extent). I don;t think it will be in my rotation though :lol:
  12. I should go nicely with the brush and comb I purchased on eBay: [​IMG]

    Does your razor have any Wehrmacht markings on it? If so, I'm interested. What do you want for it?
  13. A few month ago, I bought an American Gillette WW2 razor (looks like a travel razor) Really nice but a bit hard to get use to it! My first try was with a feather and it was a bloody shave :redface:
  14. No markings on the razor itself at all. Just says this on the box:


    332 I App 1055


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