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  1. Hi

    My wife is German and we often travel there. I was hoping to find some Speick stick\AS in local drugstores (in Braunschweig), but had no luck. (I looked in Schlecker, and a couple of others. All I could find was Speick seife (Bath soap) which seems fairly common. I was surprised not to find the Speick shaving articles so readily. Tabac seemed fairly common btw, but I'm already well supplied in Holland.

    Any tips where I might find Speick over the counter next time I go to Germany? (Drugstore chains etc.)

    BTW I did find a good shaving shop in Braunschweig, with a complete range of Merkur razors in the shop window. Prices were reasonable, perhaps slightly higher than some EU web retailers but not excessively so. Unfortunately they had a very limited range of soaps and creams.

  2. i live in germany, and im actually also surprised that you didnt find the speick stuff... in the city i live the after shave lotion and stick is available in almost every drugstore, for exc. "Rossmann", "DM", "Ihr Platz"... not sure about "Schlecker" though...
  3. I can confirm DM.

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