Georgetown Pottery is now a member!!!

Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by georgetownpottery, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Hey guys & gals, we are now a member!!!

    *We have a few exciting things going on this week for us here at the GP.....

    **We are currently waiting for our mold to dry today so we can start pouring our molded G3 (third generation) scuttles.. We have read your concerns about water being able to pass under the inside bowl, and about the inside bottom diameter being a little on the small side......Viola, both problems are solved with the new molded scuttle. We are shooting for 6-8 weeks before they are ready to go in the kiln, so be patient, and cross your fingers!!

    ***We still have bisqued 10 handthrown G2 scuttles that are heavier in weight than the new molded ones will be, they just need a home!! You can call (1.866.zenpots), or email us ([email protected]) to hold and place an order for your scuttle. We will be firing the kiln Wednesday-so you could be shaving with your handmade scuttle possibly in a week and a half!!!

    **** Secondly, I will be posting 6 orphaned scuttles in the next few days that are slight seconds, or ones that got set to the wayside of our improvements.... They are G1's, G2's, but NOT any G3's, SORRY :) They will be around $20.00, plus shipping & handling....

    If there are any questions, feel free to email me, or post to this thread, Ill try to check it once a day. You can always call our toll free number 1.866.zenpots as well, and Lori or I can help to answer any burning questions.

  2. ach, I just ordered one on Friday. I suppose it was glazed over the weekend and it's too late for me to wait for a G3.

    In any event, welcome to the forums!
  3. I havent glazed Fridays orders yet, if you call with your name, we can upgrade you!! It will take a few weeks, so patience is a virtue!!

  4. Awesome, just called Lori and I'm holding out for the next generation. And I have lots of patience in case you need to tweak things.
  5. Limey

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    How about a link to their scuttles?
  6. Figures. I recently received my scuttle and I love it but ... but ... now that the perfected version will soon be here ... :rolleyes:

    Must. Resist. Buying.

    (yeah, right.)
  7. I will provide a link to our website when the G3's are ready in a month+ or so, they have to be made and then go to the photographers.....For now though, there are plenty of pics here and on to get an idea, and I hopefully will post some orphan scuttles in the next few days w/pics that will be available for purchase!

  8. I believe mine is a G2 I really like it but I am thinking a G3 would be nice too perhaps in a darker shade hmm scuttle AD damm :rolleyes: [​IMG]
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    (thread moved to "shopping" forum)

    Welcome Georgetown Scuttles!
  10. Welcome. Nice to have you. I just bought a slightly used one in the B/S/T and look forward to the G3.

    I spoke with Lori a month and 1/2 ago or so about these new scuttles. They sound great. This can also be a great opportunity for us to get the group buy together once the G3 are ready. Not sure how many of you were keeping up with the info, but this is what I was told to wait for in order for them to do a group purchase for us.

    Look forward to doing more business with you folks. Keep up the good work too.
  11. Man...A group buy for these would be awesome! I would definitely be up for that.

  12. Welcome! Glad to have you on here! We are looking forward to the new work!
  13. Welcome!

    I recently broke the handle off of my handmade scuttle and don't have the energy or time to make another one so I've been thinking about one of these.

    What are the weights of the different models (empty)? I'd love to know the G3 weight once you've got a batch of those ready as well. Thanks and welcome again!

  14. Cranky
    That looks like my scuttle! You have it precariously perched though:eek:
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  15. Welcome.

    I have a G2 I am guessing. sounds like you will have it perfected in the next iteration. I look forward to seeing them
  16. Will the molded G3s be the same price as the formerly handthrown G2s and G1s?
  17. Welcome to B&B....I love my G2 scuttle
  18. You guys ship to Australia at all? If so, how much.
  19. Welcome and happy to hear the news about the G3. Will surley be interested once more info and a few pictures are available.
  20. Ill let you know the weight of the new G3's once they are available, we do not have any to weigh now, but they will be quite lighter than the thrown version that we are offering now.


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