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  1. JPM


    My G5 scuttle arrived today and I gave it a try. First, here are a couple of pictures:



    I also have a Moss scuttle and since that is a popular scuttle also, here are some comparisons. I used a pyrex measuring cup for the measurments:

    Inside chamber - G5 holds 8oz of water, Moss holds 7oz of water.

    Outside chamber - G5 holds 6oz of water, Moss holds 12oz of water.

    Here are some pictures:



    I boiled water in my electric kettle and filled the G5 and the Moss. The ambient temperature in the room was 75 degrees. I measured the water temp with a Thermapen digital thermometer as it boiled and it read exactly 212. I kept the plug in the G5 except to test the temp. Here are the temperatures over a 12 minute period:

    After 3 min - G5 146 degrees, Moss 169 degrees
    After 6 min - G5 139 degrees, Moss 161 degrees
    After 9 min - G5 132 degrees, Moss 156 degrees
    After 12 min - G5 126 degrees, Moss 151 degrees

    Now, I'm no scientist so these are just my observations based on this one test. And I only tried it once. If anyone sees any flaws in what I did, I'm happy to try something else.

    My assumption is that because the exterior chamber of the Moss holds twice as much water, it remained hotter than the G5. The plug did not seem to make much difference in maintaining temperature.

    After the temperature test, I prepared the G5 the way I normally use the Moss to prepare some lather. I filled the exterior chamber with hot tap water and put the plug in and then filled the interior chamber with hot tap water and soaked my brush for 2 minutes. Then I emptied the interior chamber and shook out my brush. The brush was a Rooney 3/1 Super. I used TOBS Shaving Shop, which is a cream I have used before. Here is a picture:


    The G5 really performed well here. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the interior chamber of the G5 is concave, kind of like a tea cup. The Moss has a flat bottom and vertical sides. The ridges in the G5 are also more pronounced then the Moss. The G5 was easier to build a lather with and it seemed like it created more lather with the same amount of cream than I normally get. There is a lip at the top of the G5 that did a nice job of keeping the lather from coming out the top. I imagine due to the concave shape, my brush seemed more comfortable in the G5 if I can put it that way. It splayed out more naturally and I believe that helped in creating the lather.

    So, sorry for being long winded but my conclusions are:

    If you want warm lather, the Moss does a better job. When I just used tap water, the lather was pretty cool in the G5 by the time I was done with 3 passes.

    If you want something that is easy to lather in, go for the G5.

    Bottom line for me is that I think they are both beautiful pieces and I will continue to use them both.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the review. I thought it was pretty helpful. When you say that it was pretty cool by the time you were on your 3rd pass, was it room temp cool? Or was it warmer than that? How warm does the Moss scuttle stay just using hot tap water? Where did you get it from and what was the pricing on it?

  3. Thanks for the review. I think I'm not alone in wanting to hear how the G5 performed prior to making a purchase.

    It looks like the heat loss is fairly similar in rate, but the big difference is starting temp. Did you pre-heat them, or fill and measure? Also, how did you measure the temp, at the bowl or the water in the reservoir?

    Thanks again for putting this together. Not only a good review, but far more detailed and more complete than than most.

    Also, thank in advance for the responses. I'm guessing, with the anticipation around the G5, you're going to get a boatload of questions about it!
  4. JPM


    It was definitely room temp cool. The Moss scuttle remains noticeably warmer.

    I got it directly from Georgetown pottery. $45 plus $11 shipping from Maine to San Diego.
  5. JPM


    My pleasure.

    I did not pre-heat. I filled and measured. I measured the water temp in the reservoir.

    I agree about the heat loss being about the same. The big surprise to me was how much different they were at the initial reading. I guess that has to do with the larger volume of water in the Moss. Although, I suppose it could have something to do with thickness of the scuttles but I have no way of measuring that.
  6. This was a great and informative review. Thank you very much. I have a Georgetown scuttle myself and if I should ever buy another one it might be the Moss even if I think the look of the GT is superior.
  7. Very nice review, would be nice to get temperatures on the ABS brush scuttle to compare :thumbup:
  8. I think preheating the scuttle would make a big positive difference. The lower temperature from the get go is because so much of the energy from the water has gone to warming the scuttle from room temp. Admittedly, with half the reservoir capacity of the Moss there's less thermal mass to the water but the mass of the scuttle itself is very important by that point.

    How do the scuttles compare in dry weight?

    - Chris
  9. Just another G5 review. Mine arrived yesterday. Packaging was excelent. I have used a G4 for a year so this is a comparison review: But first some pics. I used my BIG brush today . Someone asked about brush size yesterday.


    So anyway. The scuttle is BEAUTIFUL kinda reminds me of Aladins lamp. The lather temp was warm for the entire shave. Not hot enough to degrade the lather but pleasantly warm. I would say the lather was warmer than the G4. on a scale of 1-10 if 10 it HOT, the the G4 is a 3-4 and the G5 is 5-6. I always heat my water in an electric heater and pre heat the scuttle, then empty the preheat water and re heat the scuttle with new hot water in inner bowl.

    Outer bowl (where the lather goes) size has shrunk. According to GTP this was done to increase the water holding bowl (inner bowl). This difference from the G4 is in my opinion noticeable and significant. Now mind you I did use my biggers brush today, but I like it especially with soap. I would suggest to GTP that the G6 should make the overall scuttle a bit larger to be able to go back to the original G4 size lather bowl.

    Ease of making lather with new grooves? I think that it is easy to make lather in the G4 and the G5. No real difference noted.

    Inner lip, to keep lather in the bowl: Well I found that the lather came over the top just about the same as the G4. No big deal but the inner lip is a push in my opinion.

    So in summary, am I glad that I purchased the G5? YES. Is the G5 substantially better than the G4, yes as far as lather warmth goes, no as far as bowl size goes.

    Would I recommend this scuttle to a new scuttle buyer? ABSOLUTELY.
    Should a new buyer purchase the G4 or the G5, kinda depends on your priorities. The jury is still out.


    respectfully submitted by Mark
  10. Those G5's are beauties. Are they the Hamada-Blue color?
  11. JPM


    UPDATE I read the information that came with the scuttle and they list the interior chamber as 10 oz and I had said 8 oz. I went back and poured 10 oz of water into the chamber and some came out the top, but I'd say it is much closer to 10 oz then 8 oz. Last night I filled the chamber and then poured it into a measuring cup and I think due to the lip I didn't get an accurate reading.

    Also, I used it again this morning and my impressions were consistent with last night. Great ability to create lather but it cooled down fairly quickly.
  12. JPM


    I will check that out tonight and post. From the feel, the Moss is heavier but I'll get an accurate measurement tonight.
  13. JPM


    Mine is. Looks like Mark's is as well.
  14. jwhite

    jwhite Moderator Emeritus

    Sweet Mary and Joseph your pipe racks are full of razors!!!
    Somewhere there is a sad and lonely Pete wondering why he's in in a dopp kit.:shocked:

    Sorry for the tangent but I felt compulsed. Excellent review, I found it informative and helpful.
  15. Thanks, then it looks like I made the right choice in color when I placed my G5 order yesterday. Couldn't decide on a color and chose Hamada-Blue as I was on the phone with them. They told me they are really swamped with orders for the G5 and won't know until tomorrow which orders they can fill before Christmas. Any that don't go out by next week will have to wait until the 3rd or 4th week in January.

  16. Yes! Sorry the photos are dark, I was barely awake and in a rush this morning to make the photos and get ready for work.
  17. Good reviews on the Georgetown G5. I have mine on order, but it won't go out until after January 1st. I got mine when they had a special of free shipping for the weekend. Looking forward to getting it because Ive used the Georgetown G4 for the past several months. I like the Georgetown scuttle, and just hot water from the tap has been just fine for me. Of course I only do a 2 pass shave, but the Georgetown makes a very nice lather, and the new design should be even better. :thumbup1: :w00t: :thumbup:
  18. Is this the small Moss scuttle you are comparing the G5 to or the Large? Also, are the Moss scuttles one-piece or two-piece?
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  19. Interesting I'd like to have a G5 as my first scuttle. You say even with a preheated G5 and filling the reservior with boiling water the it still cools down fairly quickly?
  20. Also is that the standard Moss size or the Large one?

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