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  1. Didn't Cory (he's not a shavegeek, really) endorse their stuff?
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    That is pretty interesting. It does seem like all the multi-bladed releases from Schick/Gillette are designed to allow maximum comfort, since the vast majority of guys butcher their faces every time they shave.

    With sufficient prep, good cream/brush, adequate post-shave routines, etc... can a multi-blade razor shave as good (closeness, comfort) as a DE? A straight can get closest of all... but at what price?

  3. Jason;

    IMO multiblade cartridges can give a good shave: I use a Sensor as a travel razor and get really good shaves from it. Never used a Machxx of any flavor. What happens to me is that after a few days, my face begins to show some damage from the blades. I don't get nicks, but razor burn and ingrown hairs. The multiple blades are just too aggressive and have the effect of providing multiple passes of the blade with one pass of the handle. Some guys can use them every day, so it is a personal thing, but for me DEs are just as effective and much less painful.

  4. no likey! He might be a great barber, but from personal experience, I like a DE much better, and don't think you have to be "obsessed" with getting a closer shave (2-4 hours worth??!! Huh?!) to want to use one.

    He can have his vibrating Fusion, and good for him if it works! But to say he recommends the modern cartridge razors to his clients is to say just that: his recommendation. As we say here, YMMV.
  5. ["Continue shaving daily with the grain, and against the grain every couple/few days (always with a new blade)"]

    Could you imagine using a new cartridge every time, or other time you shaved.
    It would cost about $12 a week for blades. :eek: That's insane. The same 12 bucks bought me two years worth of derbys.
  6. No thanks.

    I will stick to my 16 dollar Slim, 25 cent blades, and 5 dollar soaps.:thumbup:
  7. Yes, I am of the opinion that with good prep, CR's can shave as close as a DE. I've done it with the Sensor and the M3. The shave doesn't last quite as long, and I tend to get some irritation I don't get with the DE, but it's not bad. I guess my question is "at $3+ per cartridge, why?"

    CR's give me fewer nicks, but more weepers. It's a trade off, IMO

    -- John Gehman

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