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  1. Information wanted from all Gemocrats, I'm very interested in trying out GEM razors but I have no clue where to start. Could anyone point me to information on models of GEMs? The "best" razor, the most aggressive etc etc. Thanks in advance. :lol:
  2. The smoothest razors, and most forgiving, are the GEM G-bar and the GEM 1912 damaskeene. Next would probably be the Junior.

    At the aggressive, not so forgiving end of the spectrum, you have the Micromatic. The bullet tips are less agressive than the originals. My daily shaver is a gold Micromatic full-fluted with a walgreens Personna GEM blade. Fantastic.

    People will try to tell you that SEs are hard to master, but they really aren't. The rule of no pressure applies moreso with SEs, though.
  3. Thanks very much, how do the shaves compare to DE shaves?
  4. Go for the 1912, it is probably the mildest of the lot, but will give a BBS shave. They are also easy to find and can be had for about the price of a cup of fancy coffee. The shave is different than a DE, and it has it's own technique that you will need to learn. It is not hard to learn, but if you try to use an SE like a DE, it will express its displeasure.

    Probably the closest thing that I could compare a 1912 to is shaving with a NEW. They both feel relatively tame, but shave like a more aggressive razor. It is something that you can't really explain. Cheap as they are, just give one a try, I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised. :001_smile
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    Aberneth has them ranked as most do, I put the Lather Catchers as the most agressive, followed by the Micromatics, then the 1912's, including the Juniors.

    All require a different angle than a DE, IMHE, but once mastered shave very well. For me, heavy beard, the GEM gets closer than a heavier DE, but takes a bit more care. Light touch is the rule
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    I agree.
    I love my Damaskeene and it is a nice shave.
    I went a month shaving with a bullet nose/tip Micromatic.

    The NO pressure rule does apply.
    You have been warned.

  7. I'd start with a 1912. It has a heavy head, so it pretty much shaves you unaided and you don't need to add pressure.

    After starting out with the 1912, I tried a G-bar and it felt light up top and more pressure was needed. I guess I could get used to it, but it felt a little inadequate after using the 1912.

    I guess the Micromatic is the most aggressive, but if everyone hadn't said that I wouldn't have thought so. It has great balance and is my favorite. If you had to start out with one of these it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Whichever one you begin with, be sure not to add pressure. The first day I used the 1912, I shaved with the same pressure that I used in DE's and my face was a bloody mess. I lightened up on the pressure the next day and got a better shave, and by day three I had it licked. Don't let it scare you, as millions of boys had their first shave with one of these.
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  8. I get equally close shaves with either a DE or my G-Bar, but I think the G-Bar is easier to use.
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  9. What is the difference between shaving with an SE or shaving with a DE? I've got a GEM Micromatic Bullseye I'm about to try with Personna Blades...somewhere I picked up something about the top with the bullseye laying flat on your face?
  10. As an SE noob, I'll say start with a 1912. Only because I did, had some great shaves, and am now keen to try a Micromatic. :001_smile
  11. The Micromatic gives incredibly close shaves. I know several college kids who use them to shave, having gone directly to them from cartridges.
  12. They all have their own special technique to master to get the best shaves of your life. So, as far as where to start... start with what ever style you can get your hands on first! :lol:
  13. Seems like I'll be posting in the WTB section soon..!
  14. I think I bought a Junior, but I am not sure. Short handle open comb. I may post a pic later. It seems light in weight so it needs some help. I did not know what blade to use so I got the Treet blades, I need to run by Walgreen's and pick up so Gem. The biggest thing I have trouble with is razor ID. Does the G Bar have the plow shoe looking thing at he end of the handle. sorry for the agrarian analogy best I could do at the time. I really love the shave so far, I like it better than any of the three New DE I have tried. We sure need more ID help for these wonderful razors.
  15. +1 on the G-Bar. I love the end result of a shave with a SE, but my problem is under the nose - can't get there...
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    These are great shavers - I find my open-comb micromatic to be pretty aggressive and prefer my little featherweight - while the handle is a touch on the small side, its shaped very well and provides great control.

    I think the SE's provide a great shave that is somewhat akin to a straight (I think because the blade is so much stiffer than a DE blade). You do need to make sure you get the angle right or you can do some serious damage - especially with the more aggressive variants.

    Blades are a bit of a pain - I use the ones from Ted Pella, but you have to order them in lots of $200 and while the cost per blade is higher than DE blades, I find they do last a shave or two longer than the average DE blade.

    The GEM razors are lots of fun and definitely worth trying out if you're curious - especially since they cost so little (GEMs in excellent condition can often be had for $20 or less - I've purchased NOS EverReady's for under $10).
  17. Here is my SE, what ever it is.
  18. How much of a mission is it to get blades for the GEM's?

    I'm based in the UK.

  19. "How much of a mission is it to get blades for the GEM's?

    I'm based in the UK."

    If you don't want to deal with Ted Pella you can also get blades from EMS, here:
    < >

    The ones you want are stainless coated (D).

    EMS has no min. purchase requirements and is more flexible on their shipping requirements. You can also get blades in smaller number at your local drug store/chemist shop.

  20. "I love the end result of a shave with a SE, but my problem is under the nose - can't get there..."

    For me the under nose portion of the shave is handled effectively with the XTG pass. Start real easy and sort of chip away at it until it's all gone.


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