Gem razor and automatic stropper id...?

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  1. Hi all

    My Dad has just given me these - a gem razor and a gem automatic stropper. He knows I'm really into the shaving thing and thought this looked interesting so bought it for me.... for very little money! I've had a quick hunt round but couldn't find anything - I'm also using my cellphone for the internet which is really frustrating.

    Can you help me ID these? There is a strop too, but it's from a valet and is in useless condition.

  2. This Gem model is known as the "Jewel". I am not enough of a Gem expert to be able to effectively offer up a date of manufacture; Gems were not date coded, and we usually have to give approximate dates based upon when the ads for the model showed up in the various news media, and when the new model debuted.
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  3. Ever ready "Streamline" model, 1930's
  4. Ah, yes, that was the other name for the "Jewel" that I couldn't remember. :thumbup1:
  5. Except it's branded "Gem".

    Very nice substantial handle on that. I like it.

    - Chris
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  6. Nice.
    I've heard razors made in england using the GEM name are very rare. Most SE razors made in england were marketed as ever readys.
    I've been reading up on them for a while, just bought my first couple of 1912s (ever ready made in england types). This is the first version of that type I've seen. So far seen 'lather catchers', 1912s, 1914s (ever ready only), 1924s (ever ready only), 1912 versions up to the 40s/50s, micromatics, g bars, e bars, feather weights and contours.
    Interestingly, the Contour was the name used by gillette here for the cartridge ATRA, the GEM/ER contour never made it to australian shores and gillette rushed to beat them to the name here.
    This particular razor the OP showed, I've never seen before. When did the 'Jewel' or 'streamline' start being sold, and into what markets, what was the original marketing/pricing, and what possible other names did this handle and set have?
    Are these razors rare?
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  7. Thanks for all the help. Just to clarify.... it'd be called a Gem Streamline rather than a Gem Jewel? Can anyone give me an indication on value... I'm not selling, but my father will be interested. I'm assuming the fact it is gem branded rather than ever-ready makes a difference?

    Thanks as always,
  8. Richard,

    For an ID here is the best I can offer, shoot a PM to D.Irving79 and all will become clear. :thumbup1:
    I have a set and was told that they were a "Streamline" but mine are ER.
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  9. Hi all. I've just been told it's definitely a Gem Jewel.... thanks for all your help everyone!

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