Gem Micromatic Vs Gem 1912

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  1. These razors are two totally different animals

    I've a few so called aggressive razors in my den . . . a Sledgehammer Slant, a Red Tip, Fat Boy, and a Gem 1912. All these give me smooth comfortable shaves.

    My first shave with my 1912 was a bit rough as I used blades from the hardware department and not proper shaving blades. Using the proper Gem shaving blades with this razor was a revelation. Aggressive . . . yes somewhat . . . but a close smooth comfortable shave none-the-less.

    Now onto the Gem Micromatic, I'm basing this on two shaves with the beastie, this is by far the most aggressive razor I've ever used. The lather catcher is shorter than on the 1912 and not as rounded, thus making the blade seem to ride closer to the skin surface, there are also two tiny dimples on the base plate of the micromatic that appear to "gap" the blade a bit wider than the 1912. My Micromatic shaves exposed the most weepers I've had yet and my first real case of razor burn.

    Will I use it again . . . You bet I will . . . but knowing what I know now, I'll take nothing for granted with this razor

    I'm writing this not to dissuade anyone from trying the micromatic, as I know some people appreciate aggressivness but more to give a heads up as to what to expect from the razor. If your having a bad lather day reach for another razor. :blink:
  2. Maybe 1912s are for boys, Micromatics are for men, and the Gillette Tech - for PEACHES!:lol:
  3. They are both as different as night and day . . .

    This thread details my week-long experience with an Open-Comb Micromatic . . . complete with a happy ending!! :thumbup1:
  4. You're the first I've heard refer to the 1912 as aggressive. "Effective" certainly, but quite well behaved.
  5. Enjoyed your thread Brad Lots of good information there
  6. Take this with a grain of salt...I just about 10 min ago took some strokes with my recently acquired 1912 and GEM blades. WOW now that was nice, I wouldnt call it aggressive...I would call it just right for a heavy beard. Now again I need to have some consecutive shaves with this razor but right now I am hyped! Easier for me to get the right angle compared to a DE and while cutting close it seemed to protect well. We shall see............
  7. now that's just wrong.
  8. I don't like to toot my own horn, but maybe you can get a better shave from the tips in this video.
    I haven't had time to edit the video, but it has come to my attention that the "pinch" grip (witch I don't use, btw) isn't the best idea. I'd say avoid that to begin with.
  9. Thought for the day. :"There is no such thing as a bad Gem":wink2::thumbup1::001_smile:001_smile.
  10. In terms of aggressiveness, what in the DE world is comparable to the 1912 models?


  11. .......tooooooooooot.

  12. I've gotten reasonably good with the OCMM, but I get just as good a shave, or better, with the 1912. The OCMM does have that cool Art Deco look, while the 1912 looks flowery and Victorian, but the 1912 shaves BBS, does a great job of laying the lather down for buffing, and practically never bites.
  13. Good video MrGuy:thumbup1:
  14. Ya, when someone says that, there is usually a pretty big horn tooting to follow:lol:

    Thanks for the compliment, bob.e:001_smile
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  16. Thanks to MrGuy for the tips video... After much hesitation, I tried an OC micromatic yesterday for the first time and it was the closest shave I've ever had - and in just 2 passes (with a tiny bit of touching up) with NO nicks or irritation. I watched the video first, and the only thing that I probably wouldn't have done intuitively is to load the blade at the specified angle. I wonder if this is one of the reasons for the widely varying results as it's extremely counter-intuitive and I'm guessing that most guys are loading the blade flat in the head like you would a 1912 or featherweight.

    I'm going to shave with the mm for another week or so before coming to any conclusions, but I have to say that no other razor has treated me so well the first time out.
  17. i just had my first ever SE shave last night with the GEM Micromatic. i have to disagree, it was a great shave! no weepers or nicks or anything. that said, i think i prefer a more aggressive razor, as i usually shave with my fatboy at a '8' setting.

    loved it!
  18. Good video. Got me inspired to break out my Gem collection. I would add that the Bullseye is a nice "starter" Gem, a little less demanding, shall we say, than the OC. Great stuff here though.
  19. What is this about loading the blade at a specified angle??
  20. Check out MrGuy's video at about the 4 min mark. Not sure why, but he suggests loading the blade at an angle, and making sure that it is not lying flat in the head before closing the tto mechanism. My guess is that this is compensating somehow for older blade geometry (tho I had always thought that the blades of the MM era were essentially the same as modern se blades).

    I suggest that this might be the reason for much of the variation in experience with the MM because it is the only tip in the video which you wouldn't expect to carry over from DE shaving or from other SE's. All I know is that I shaved again with the MM today and got perhaps the closest to BBS that I ever have.

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