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  1. Hello all; I have been lurking for about 2months now and decided to post tonight. I used a 1912 Gem Junior tonight. I picked it up for $3.00 last week and cleaned it up. I have been using a Gillette SS red tip and a Gillette Fatboy. It is the closest shave I have ever gotten apart from getting a str8t razor shave from my barber. I was amazed. The technique is a little different, but when you got it at the correct angle it produced a unique sound and feel. I didn't get any razor burn or nicks.
  2. Welcome to B&B! There are quite a few fans of the 1912 here on the board. I am definitely one of them. :smile:
  3. Welcome, and welcome to the Gemocracy!
  4. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Welcome, and welcome to the Gempublic!
  5. Welcome the Gem shaves are awesome
  6. Great to have you on board the Gemwagon! They are unassuming little razors, but my oh my, they do deliver. I've decided it's a lot like a barroom conversation revolving around the relative merits of Ginger or Maryanne. Sure, Ginger is flashy, but somehow you just keep coming home to Maryanne, don't you?:001_rolle
  7. welcome to B&B. The Junior is a wonderful little shave!
    Viva la GEM
    enjoy the ride.
  8. The 1912 Gem is one of the best razors ever made.If not "THE" best.:wink:

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