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    In my quest for 1912 razor hoarding, I purchased and received a mint looking everready 1912 with the chainlink handle. In comparing it to my Gem, I must say that the finish of the Gem is much nicer- the whole razor is mirror finished inside and out, while the everready has a more matte finish save for the flip head. I'm not sure if this a result of the fleabay seller overdoing the cleaning of the razor or what. Also, the spring on the everready is a flat piece of metal, while the Gem's has a little crease in it. As a matter of fact, the everready is identical to my gold Gem jr...which looks like a cheaper version of my Gem. Finally, depending on how I load the Gem, the crease in the spring holds the blade off the bottom of the blade tray, while the everready and gem jr's spring forces the blade to lay flat on the bottom. I assume the proper loading is flat on the bottom?

    Also just noticed the Gem has a rounded head vs a flat one on the Jr and everready. I guess there are variations among the 1912's. Now I need a couple Stars to compare now!!
  2. Nice arsenal you've started there! Does the Gem with the round head have the Damaskeene wording stamped inside the blade compartment? I definitely prefer the round heads over the flat, I think they shave a little closer and I don't feel the blade stops against my skin as much.

    As to the blade loading I lay it flat and slide the edge into the blade stops.

    Now that you've accumulated some 1912's it's time to start looking for a few 1914 and 1924 Ever-Ready's to round out the collection!
  3. The 1912 is a wonderful razor. To my mind the best safety razor ever made.

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    No, it doesn't mention the use of damaskeene blades inside. Now wait, wha..? 1914 and 1924 Ever-readys? I'm off to fleabay while I give the credit card some time to cool off.:lol:
  5. " Now wait, wha..? 1914 and 1924 Ever-readys? I'm off to fleabay while I give the credit card some time to cool off"

    Hey, don't forget the Jewel / Streamline model!

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  7. I have 4 Streamlines. They are a nice razor though when I get enough time on B&B, I will probably be paring down my collection. I like the handle on my ER 1912 better than my Gem Junior. It just feels grippier probably because of that wierd stamping procedure they seem to have used on the British ones. It's like they set the machine to make little ridges on the edge of the handle but you are right about the difference in finish. It is duller than my Gem. That being said, I have a plating difference between the two on the head. It looks like one is nickel and the other chromium. I can never remember which is which but I like the look of my ER better.
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    That makes sense about the nickel vs chrome since there is a distinct color difference between the gem and ER. The streamline is on my list also, can't believe you have four! Lucky do they shave compared to the 1912's?
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  9. Not so much lucky as RAD set in and I kept looking for a new one. :001_smile The shave is different. Some people say more aggressive and I guess that is true to a point. On the other hand, to me, it is a very smooth razor. It is a more efficient cutter than the 1912 and you don't get the audible feedback that the 1912 gives. The Streamline is heavier and I like heft in my razors. The heft probably accounts for the more efficient cutting. I have found 2 different versions of the streamline and I am still trying to figure out which one I like better or if there is a noticeable difference. The difference is in the number of teeth and openness in the base of the razor. Plus they are just beautiful razors. I think the Streamlines are one of the best looking razors period.

    I was lucky enough to find a NOS Streamline set with the strop still in the plastic so I finally stopped buying them. I do love my SE's. I have just recently acquired a open comb micromatic and it has been delivering fantastic shaves. The streamline is just a hair behind it right now. As always, YMMV. :laugh: I will always have a 1912 or 2 though. Great shavers!
  10. This is just my opinion of course - The Streamline is a beautiful razor. Wonderful design, really one of the top ten ever for looks. But for me, the kudos stop there. I find it to be a rather rigid, almost clumsy razor to shave with. The solidness of the razor mutes any sound from the blade - one of the things I enjoy the most from a 1912 style. It just doesn't seem to 'drive' that well for me. I think they sacrificed function for form on this one. Just me though!
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    Hmmm... I still want one tho. I guess if I drop I expectations or won't be are down when I finally dig one up.

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