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  1. Well I said I'd use it and today was it. Shower--hydrate hydrate, hydrate(Thank you Alex) Omega 10098 load with PannaCrema Lavandotto. and a 1 and a 2 begin, place blade against face go. Nice and easy find angle--sing! , did a 3 pass-wtg e,w. Under the nose a challenge but no biggie. 1st pass-holy cow-2nd,3rd, holy moly! No nicks, cuts or weepers. I guess after a Year of oc's, straight and slants prepared me for this fine razor.
    Yeah it looks intimidating at first like a slant does but once the process takes over--Super Neato. I like the feeling of sharing with a piece of time gone by.How did it feel to shave with one of these before ww1? Marvelous. I won't use it as an everyday but it will make it to my face at least once a week if not more.
    So after a month with Schick injectors and now this I must admit that DE blades feel vastly different. I can feel them flex(yes they're thinner)and even my St.Pete blades can't whack the whiskers on the 1st pass like a se can. Different thickness edge,etc. So now my shaving horizon is even wider than when I joined B&B a year ago. I have enjoyed every step of the way and the advice and encouragement :thumbup:of all of you, my friends. Thanks and have a great shaving week!:thumbup:
  2. Great shavers, aren't they? Congrats!
  3. Yes indeed they are!
  4. I shave less in the summertime and an se goes through a few days growth effortlessly ..
  5. GEM sold their razors as beating the 5 o'clock shadow. The razors live up to the marketing hype.
  6. They did not lie! I use SEs as my razor of choice now. When I shave with one, I go much longer till I need a shave. It's the closest shave I have ever given myself without exception.
    Congrats on your 1912 shave! It sounds like it was a complete success. You have to love how the SE blade sings to you.
  7. I am using injectors and a Gem G bar and I'm glad I never bought a 100 pack of DE blades because they'd never get used.
  8. After literally hundreds of trials of various types of safety razors, I finally concluded that the SE, and especially the Gem 1912, gave me the closest and most comfortable shave of all of those that I had tried. I was completely happy with the 1912 until Dave Irving talked me into trying it's predecessor, the Gem Junior Bar, lather catcher razor. Whoa! What's this??? One of the oldest razors ever to use a single edge "throw away" blade has actually out performed the 1912 (for me anyway).

    After about two years of trying all different types of safety razors: DE's, SE's, injectors, band razors, cartridge razors, etc., I now only use one model, the 1900/1901 patented Gem Junior Bar. I am convinced that since this magnificent instrument was designed, around the turn of the last century, all subsequent new designs were only of value in "having something new to hype" on the part of the manufactures, but none actually ever met or exceeded the quality of shave of this great razor. Load it with a modern PTFE coated stainless blade and you have the ultimate shaving instrument.

    I know the Gem Junior Bar isn't real easy to find nowadays but, believe me it is worth looking for until you do find one. In the meantime, I feel that your 1912 is the next best thing.

  9. Thank you all
    @ Tom--thanks, I'll be patient and wait to find one.:thumbup:
  10. +1000 My Jr. Bar is my best SE shaver, bar none (pun intended).
  11. The trick under the nose is to do an XTG pass.
    After months on SEs, DEs feel awkward especially under the nose for me...

    I couldn't agree more. I recently snatched a Rhodium replated Gem Jr Lather Catcher on ebay (ocrazorman) and I reach for it all the time now. It shaves wonderfully: efficient but not harsh at all. As an added bonus it is simply a work of art and it adds to the experience.

    I think this model was phazed out to cut down costs. The newer models look like they were produced with more modern machinery. I own a few lather catchers of that time and all have some variances that suggest to me that they involved a fair amount of manual labor.
  12. @ Galhatz-- yeah, I understand. Shaving under the nose has become so much easier for me to get a good consistent result.The injectors are easiest for me to use(lots of arthritis in hands, arms, shoulders) and the Gem is just a joy. My 37c is muttering something in German under it's breath, and the oc's, Gillettes, and the rest are on extended leave. I do enjoy the focus of the Gem, it makes me practice,"mindfulness", that takes my mind away from the pain. No narcotics, no otc garbage pills, just the basic tools of our hobby/passion. That is the great gift I get everyday. :thumbup:

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