GELS VS CREAMS..which one do you think is better?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by bj_please, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. i use to use creams but i forgot i read somewhere that shave gels are now i started using shave gels and it seems like im getting a better shave..maybe its just in my mind..which do you guys prefer?
  2. my friend, I used Edge gel once in my life, and NEVER again! My granddad gave me a can of it, when he switched to an electric razor, he was in his mid 90's at the time, he could hardly see, so he couldn't use his Sensor anymore. It just doesn't do the same thing that a good lather cream or soap and a brush does.

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    You want water for a good shave. A gel is going the wrong way. No comparison - get thyself some good creams.
  4. yea EDGE GEL is feels like your just scraping the hair off with that particular brand..i use barbasol shave gel

  5. Are you speaking of foaming gels? I’ve found most of them to be crap, but my biggest disappointment was Taylor’s Mr Taylor brushless gel. Non-foaming, non-protecting, non-useful product.
  6. Canned goo (gel or foam) is a tool of the devil: it will give you eternal razor burn and devilish black stuble :devil: . The only path to salvation is a badger brush (hence 'badger and blade' :badger: ) and a good cream or soap... :a2:
  7. I could not have said it better... if you are talking one type of canned crap vs another type of canned crap... well, all I can say is good luck. I never had much luck during the many years that I used the canned stuff.
  8. What a bunch of sissies:o10:
  9. Sissies? My friend, I beg to differ. I would suggest that we are men with impeccable tastes.
  10. My wife says that Edge gel smells like her nail polish remover! :lol:

  11. Gels were a (minor) step up from the Colgate/Gillette/Barbasol canned foams when they hit the market in the late 60's/early 70's. They've improved slightly over the years, but not much. They are convenient, and that's their strong point.

    There's a reason that the guys here look down on the 'goo'. Learn to build a lather with some of the fine products available today, and you'll likely not look back.

    -- John Gehman

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  12. Yeah, but you can't compare the gels from the 80's to the latest ones
    Most of them have softening oils and soothing ingredients ; of course , Barbasol gels are pure crap, but some gels are well formulated ; of course, YMMV, and if u have much better shaves with good brush/soap/cream, keep it that way! nobody wants a painful shave each morning
  13. I used Edge Gel for years before I started with the creams and soaps. I thought it worked fine. I just like using the brush, creams and soaps better for the scent and lather.
  14. I've only been at this game for the last few months... so unless they have made some very significant innovations in the past 6 months (and I haven't heard) I think that I will stand by my comments w.r.t canned goo. Sure, some of the varieties of canned goo may work a little better than other varieties, but in my experience none of them worked very well (at least not for me).
  15. Nothing beats the traditional way. Long live the brush, long live the soap and lather cream, long live the DE and straight.

  16. Which ones did you use?
  17. In hte past 1.5 - 2 years I (before I threw away all of the canned goo) I used Aveeno (the best of the worse, IMO), Edge, Gillette, Nivea (2nd best, perhaps) and others that I don't recall... and in my experience even the best of these was worse than even the worse of the "good stuff" that I've tried. YMMV, however.
  18. I can't blame you for not trying everything :biggrin:
    I used to like Nivea Sensitive, but recently, I've found it to dry out fast
  19. I really did try just about everything that I could get my hands on at the local drug stores before I saw the light, so to speak. Personally, I'll never go back to a can, but to each his own.
  20. I had tried dozens of different shave gels before I discovered wetshaving. I can say without a doubt creams are much better and that I have not found one shave gel that I enjoyed. The real question is which is better creams or soaps? I am still working on that one.


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