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  1. Been using a GB Buckingham for a little while. I am not UNimpressed. It shaves well and strops well. I haven't had to hone it yet.

    But this blade gets trounced on the net. No body seems to have anything nice to say. What gives?
  2. Maybe you were lucky and got a good one. I've never owned one myself but I've read plenty from people that have and the almost unanimous verdict is that they are junk.
  3. Maybe I just don't get it but I've have several good shaves with my blade. Now granted I only lather up once so maybe I am not putting the blade through the ringer like some folks who do three or four passes but it just seems to me if you can't do it in one pass then your blade needs sharpening. Most of the videos I've seen show folks abusing the hell out of the blade and then faulting them for failure. One video shows a guy doing a three pass shave and then complaining that the teeth are out of whack. Maybe I'll just have to do my own test (Hey, thats a great excuse for getting a New Dovo. ) And see what the stink is about.
  4. If the blade works for you it works for you.

    There are many blades that get bashed around this place, including some very high end ones (mainly for the price)

    Buy a razor and use it because you like it
  5. I know I should but what the hell any excuse is a good excuse. The dovo is on order so well see how these both do out of the box.
  6. Dovo's don't come from the factory shave ready so unless you've bought it from a retailer that also hones them, you'll need to arrange to get it done.
  7. Thanks for the heads up

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