gaylord "horsehead" mug's ?

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  1. i picked up a nice little score today at 2 antique shops, and came across 2 oddity's that google can't seem to find info on, or perhaps my google-fu is weak.

    they are embossed with the name Gaylord and have a very cool molded horse head for a handle.

    the porceline one is fairly light, while the clear glass one is atleast 1/4" thick all around and about 1/2" thick base, it would definitely hurt if it was chucked at a persons noggin :shifty:

    any info would be appreciated


    $P1010278.jpg $P1010279.jpg
  2. You have a way of describing things :)
  3. It's a shaving mug made by Medalta Pottery for Gaylord brand shaving soap.

    Manufacturer's current website:
  4. cool, thanks for the info, i have heard of medalta crock pots oddly enough, but never shaving mugs.

    these should look nice bookending my old spice mugs :)
  5. Those are really unique looking mugs. :thumbup1:
  6. Don't have any info to share, but those look pretty nice. Good catch!
  7. Don't sell shaving bowls anymore though :(
  8. well i emailed medalta and promptly got an interesting reply.

    the red stone mug is confirmed as being produced by medalta sometime in the early to mid 1940's, but the glass unit was not produced by them, according to a medalta collector, it may have been produced by a company called dominion glass, also here in canada.

    now to find out if dominion glass still exists and email them :)
  9. Those look great!
  10. nice!!
  11. Here is a Canadian site which assigns a value for each of them as of 2009:

    The clear glass one: $7.00
    The Medalta pottery one: $35.00

    They never specified Canadian or US dollars.

    NOW, if only you could find the aftershave bottle to match!

    $Gaylord set.jpg
  12. two very nice mugs enjoy
  13. Classy mugs. Good find. How are the mosquitoes in Brandon right now. I spent a night camping there around this time last year. Those horrible bastards were everywhere.
  14. Nice find! I like the clear glass one. :D
  15. HA!

    And those things are awesome! Hmm... I wonder if my antique shops have anything like it...

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