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  1. Well after many years of shaving with just about everything out there that is electric or has more than one blade, I finally threw them all out, about a month or so ago. Just like my father I returned to the DE razor. I am so much happier now. I would like to thank everyone at B&B for this and the much needed knowlege to start this new (old) exercise in shaving.

  2. Welcome and congrats. :thumbup1:
  3. Great first post!
    Welcome to B&B.
  4. Congrats and welcome to B&B. DE shaving is far better than anything I have tried.
  5. Congrats and welcome, very glad to have you aboard.

    Cheers and Happy Shaving!

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  7. Welcome to B&B! Enjoy the ride.
  8. Welcome to the good ship B&B. Take a stroll on the promenade deck and enjoy the voyage. :thumbup1:

    Always remember, relax but be vigilant when you shave!
  9. I think we've all been there...

    Welcome to B&B, glad to have you join us.

    -- John Gehman
  10. You're a better man than I.

    Even though I'm a dyed in the wool DE guy, I couldn't bin that stuff I invested so heavily in. It's in storage, waiting to vex some future generation.

  11. welcome..........good for you..
  12. welcome to the forum it's a great place to learn from
  13. Welcome to the sunny side! It took me about 7 or 8 months to bag up my stuff. I didn't know what to do it and hate to be wasteful. Tried using some of the old goop ina can but it's pretty horrible stuff once you're used to the real lathers. It's kinda like the diff between instant coffee and fresh brewed custom roast. So couldn't go back but my son liked playing with it in the tub.

    Was about to toss the razors but thought, these little contraptions are going to disappear soon enough. think I'll toss them in a box and forget about them. They'll be kind of cool in thirty years.
  14. Ahh another convert soon enough we will have enough to storm the P&G Gillette corporate buildings and take them over. Muahahahahaha.

    Okay enough with those antics. Glad to see you here, interesting to to read that you tried everything under the sun and this DE shaving is what makes you happy. I think that you could go for a little less sharp of blade and go for a sampler pack. That is what I did and I found supermax does an okay job though YMMV.
  15. Welcome to B&B!
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    Welcome to B&B!
  17. Congrats and Welcome aboard :001_smile
  18. You've shown a lot more commitment than myself - I've still got a Braun electric, and the Gillette twin-blade they handed out when I was in high school (1980-something). Do you remember the twin blade carts with the plastic strip to unclog them - you pushed the button on the top to clear out the gunk???

    Great 1st post! Welcome to the Badgers' Den, take care 'cause sometimes he bites.
  19. Welcome to B&B!
  20. Welcome to B&B!

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