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  1. Hello!

    I just registered and decided to introduce myself.
    While browsing another forum not long ago this forum was mentined. I followed the link and looked around a bit. I´ve always been into vintage clothing, 40´s military gear and all sorts of memorabilia from past times and I felt intrigued by the romance and rituals related to traditional wet shaving. Besides that I´ve never been satisfied by the results nor the feel of the shave with my current, modern, multi-blade tools so I though perhaps a DE razor shave could improve my shave and lead to a healthier skin.

    After giving the idea of switching to DE razor some though (and after watching a few videos on the subject and reading lots of beginner guides) I have decided to give single-blade shave a try. I have some kind of idea on what sort of equipment to get but don´t really know where to get them. Can you recomment an online-store based within EU. I would like to buy everything from the same place.

    I appreciate any help you can give me
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    Welcome Coffee!
    Wrong side of the pond unfortunately for referrals, but someone will be along shortly to advise!
  3. Welcome,! (do you have a first name? Makes talking easier).

    An online store that gets a lot of praise here is this one I just placed an order with them.
  4. You got PM
  5. Thanks for your answers. Gentlemans-Shop seems to be carrying a wide range of quality products.
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    Welcome to B&B Coffee(black or with sugar?) :wink:

    Resistance is futile-you will be assimilated!

  7. Welcome to B&B, Coffee!
  8. A small question regarding brushes.

    As an entry level shaving brush most of you seem to favour Edwin Jagger Best Badger. It does seem like a good buy for all those living in America. In Europe, however, with current exchange rates (1£=2$ right?), the price seems much higher. I was just thinking whether it would make sense to go for example for Kent BK4 or BK2 while at it? My choice for first lather would be cream.
  9. A very cheap alternative would be the Wilkinson Sword pure badger brush for 15 EUR. Not as luxurious as a Kent, but dependable, well-built brush that should last for years. Good for soaps and creams. I have one for travel.
    Just a suggestion. Good luck.
  10. Welcome! If you're into old stuff then it's not complete till you start shaving with old equipment.

    I remember seeing my step-mom's father come over from Russia and he was shaving with this extremely old DE razor that he'd probably used for many many years and I always looked at his face and wondered how it was so smooth and such a good shave... and a few years later I found out that it was a DE... old things sometimes perform better than new.
  11. Once you begin and start experimenting, you really set your own course. Things to look for and to keep in mind: good prep (shower before shaving, use hair conditioner in shower, wash beard at the sink and leave it wet for lathering), light pressure from the razor, good blade angle so you're cutting through the stubble, not scraping over it, and trying the various blades until you find one that's right for you. I include in my blog much of what I've learned, but the thing you will most often read here is YMMV: what works for one is not necessarily going to work for another. Thus the experiments, to find what works for you.
  12. Welcome friend! :biggrin:

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