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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Jim G, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I got these three razors this morning for .25 cents for all three. Is there any value to them?

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  2. That's a Gillette "Fatboy" Adjustable and a pair of blue Lady Gillettes. They're worth more than a quarter, I'll tell you that. Good score!
  3. wow!!..great score..try some toothpaste with fluoride and an old toothbrush..soak in warm water...I was suggested this by another member..worked great!
  4. franz

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    Two Lady G's that appear to be in very nice condition and a Fatboy that might polish up well... I'd say you made out VERY well for a quarter.

    Assuming the razors are all functional, the Lady Gillettes are easily worth $25 each. For the FB, it will depend on how it looks after you take the gunk off.

    Nice score!
  5. I need to start going to yard sales good score :wink2:
  6. Very nice haul... each lady Gillette could go 15-20. That fatboy as it would probably get about the same.
  7. The fatboy actually looks a lot better in person than the picture shows, but could definitely use a shining up. Also how can I tell if the adjustable part is working? is it supposed to slant open and closed? or just get wider and smaller>
  8. I will take one of the Lady Gillettes off your hands at a nice profit if you're interested.
  9. Clean up that fatboy and repost... nice score, Id like a fatboy for 8 cents
  10. I could possibly let one of the lady gillette's go. They are both in real nice condition.
  11. FYI: 50 post minimum and 45-day membership requirements must be met before selling or trading here...but that shouldn't take long!
  12. The gap between the blade and the guard bar should be at its smallest when it's set on 1, and it's largest on 9. Here are a couple of photos of both ends of the spectrum:


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    Yes, This, Eligibility to sell/trade: Participation in the community at Badger and Blade is a requirement to post an item for sale or trade. Sellers/traders must be members of B&B for at least 45 days and have contributed a minimum of 50 quality posts on this site in order to qualify to participate in the forum. The vast majority of a member's posts should be in the core areas of B&B.
  14. Wow, how awesome! 25C for those items...possible sale of 100 (50/25/25). thats like...400X the return, 40,000% return!
  15. A quarter?!?!?! That may be the haul of the year.
  16. If you sell them you'll get that 25 cents back no problemo.
  17. Nice score! That's the stuff that dreams are made of with this hobby!!

    If the heads are tight on the ladies and the adjuster works on the fatboy you are in business!
  18. BigFoot

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    That is an awesome score. It looks like both Ladies are the Dark Blue. They also came in Rose, Champagne, and Light Blue. You now need to find the other 3.

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  19. I'll give you the opportunity to double your money and take it off your hands for $.50!!!!!:001_tongu

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