FYI about Georgetown G5 scuttles

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  1. I'd been wanting a nice scuttle lately and haven't wanted to spend the long buck just to see if I'd like it. The cold Vermont winters demand hot lather. On a whim I called Georgetown Pottery to inquire as to whether they had seconds of their G5 scuttle. They do, in several colors, priced at $30 rather than the list of $45 (plus $11 shipping). Mine arrived the next day! No waiting. If there is a flaw or blemish that makes it a second, it's not of any significance. I'm pleased.

    So if anyone's interested. You've got to call and ask them. I think it's a good deal.
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. +1
  4. Cold vermont winters? Oh stop it! :laugh:

    I've been living in Vermont for about 6 months so this is only my first winter but boy is it mild up here this year!

    I must have brought the warmer weather up with me from southwestern Virginia, you're welcome!
  5. Yup, this is the mildest winter I can recall (still needed the generator for 4 different storms). But never turn you back on a VT winter Matt. I've been a New Englander for 60 yrs. When we get 30" of snow in May I'll lend you my scuttle!!
  6. ...thanks for the info on the Georgetown scuttles.....!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing.
  8. phillylion

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    Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yup. Just ordered one. Thanks for the tip--I've long wanted a G5 but the full retail kept me away.

  10. Good for you Kingping "scuttle brother." What color did you order?
  11. PICS? come on really buy a new scuttle and describe it :001_tt2:

    let's see a dry shot or lather shot?

    nice pickup, the G5 is a fine looking piece.

    ps...i'm just busting your chops about the description, but a picture would be sweet.
  12. Pics Forthcoming in tomorrow's light!
  13. From the GP site...

    View attachment 223556

    Fwiw the very helpful woman who helped me said there were seconds available in almost every glaze, and that from the Hamada/Persimmons she'd "pick out beautiful one" for me. Thanks again...
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  14. As promised. Hamada/blue.

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  15. Very nice. Looks similar to my old G5 that I sold awhile back.

    Whereabouts in VT are you?
  16. I'm on Vermont's "Lower Eastside" (Brattleboro).
  17. .....what makes it a second? the photos, it looks perfect to me............
  18. Whatever the flaw is that makes it a second, it's minor enought to not matter to me. I think it's a spot or 2 that is considered a flaw in the glaze.
  19. .....i need to get me one of those..............
  20. Nice setup sinkside!

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