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  1. My son is 5 months, and I'm starting his AD early. I would like to get him a "birth year" razor. With that in mind, what currently produced razors should I be looking at for his first razor as a teenager? Do any of them still come with "date codes" a la techs and super speeds?

    I plan on putting the razor, a sample blade pack, and a VDH starter kit in a box with a label "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL FIRST MUSTACHE."
  2. I like the idea, but there aren't any date codes (that I'm aware of) on my current production razors. Even better than a date code would be the original sales receipt, IMO. I don't think I'd go with the VDH starter kit, since the brushes seem to be hit or miss on quality. You don't want your son ending up with a 15 or so year old super-shedder of a brush! I only have two current production razors. Of the two, I would recommend the EJ89. It's a great looking and great shaving razor, and from what I've read - most people agree.
  3. get him something date coded, maybe your birth year (depending on how old you are I suppose!) or maybe your fathers
  4. I'm 1980, so a SS would be the date-code appropriate one there. I could probably do the receipt as well. I've heard great things about the EJ89 for sure.

    RE: The starter kit... you're probably right. I could cobble together a soap/brush combo.
  5. How about getting him a vintage razor from 1910 or 1911 (depending on when he was born)? It'd just be 100 years before he was born. Perhaps one of the beautiful American Button Company sets.
  6. I think the receipt idea is the way to go. I love my EJ89
  7. ej89 barley ......
  8. +1 to the receipt idea. Too bad his actual "birth date" has passed.
  9. Agreed. The barley just came out.
    You could get it laser engraved with his birth date to make it that wee bit more special.

    I would suggest against having a jeweler evgrave it traditionally, as that would cut through the plating.
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  10. My first thought was a Lord 1822, but since you want it to be a special gift, I'll echo what others have said. Get him an Edwin Jagger that you can engrave.
  11. How about a Muhle with an engraving?


    Maybe you could as the gentlemen at Muhle's to engrave the birthday of your son in the ring in the handle?

  12. that would be awesome, i like the idea of the 1910 model in addition also

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