Futur vs. R41 - my humble opinion

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by droth455, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Everyone needs to own both of them IMHO! I now know why I had less than stellar results from my Feather A/C. These DE's require the lightest touch and I was treating my "straight" like a 33/34C.

    It is so much fun shaving with these! I don't necessarily have a heavy beard but I thoroughly enjoy learning the skill of using such precision instruments. I've always had a problem with irritation around my neckline but these razors have solved that issue. It may seem counterintuitive (sic?), but using these has taught me to use the utmost care. I'm confident I could get the same results from my first DE - a 33C, but it would not be half the fun.

    I may take some getting used to, but I highly recommend you try one or both if you haven't before. I love these things!!
  2. I agree. I am currently doing a week of "Back to the Futur" for funsies. It was going well until this morning. Hopefully my carelessness will have healed by tomorrow morning.
  3. At what setting do you use your Futur? I keep mine at a very mellow 2.5, wondering how it compares to the R41.
  4. I've kept it at 3 for daily shaving this week, but it's normally set on 6 when in rotation with other razors.
  5. I've used the Futur on settings ranging from 2-4. I only have 3 shaves with each under my belt so I'm not sure if I can speak with any authority on how the Futur settings compare to the R41, but I'd guess it's somewhere between 4-6. Anyone else have a better guess?
  6. The R41 is on a completely different level. No other readily available DE has that much blade exposure with that shallow a top cap. A Futur unscrewed might come close. In terms of difficulty to use, though, they're about the same.
  7. Futur on 6 is very efficient.
  8. Enjoy the razors!
  9. I agree with the assessment that the Futur is an efficient razor. A single pass set on 2.5 is all my face needs. By contrast, my Ikon s3s is far milder and less efficient. Multiple passes are necessary that leave my face sometimes raw. The OC side of the Ikon leaves me bloody. The angle at which I must hold both razors differs considerably as well. It seems Merkur got the blade exposure and blade angle just right for the adjustability aspect, which simply adjusts blade gap. I have shaved with an improperly assembled Futur, with the setting effectively on 9 or so and still did not tear my face up.

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