FT/FS: Walbusch B5 Adjustable Slant, Gillette Blades, Gillette Shavette + Razor

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  1. Hey Guys,

    thanks for watching my FT-thread :) here we go with some more rare Gillette related items and one extremly rare Walbusch B5. i'm looking for any Gillette related items and complete razor sets in very good/mint condition. but i prefer a bottom dial case, canadian service set, nickle plated cased Toggle, cased Executive, ivory cased tuckaway plus/minus money differences, if you are interested in any item please send me a pm.

    - at first i offer you the possibility to one one of the most sought after and rarest german razors (in 4years i have seen this razor only twice for selling). it is the legendary Adjustable Slant Walbusch B5 Solingen razor. very hefty Slant with a silver plated handle and mechanics like an early Merkur razor. The design was absorbed by the Merkur company later. As i know this Walbusch B5 was produced in the 30s and 40s. The razor was distributed in Germany only and therefore it is a very hard to find razor. Many people searching years for finding that holy grail. i added the original advertisment. the condition is very good with only 2 small imperfections. the number "1" at the adjustment is only half coloured red and there are some tiny spots on the bottom plate where the blade is. if you have any questions left please send me a message. i only trade it cause i collect gillette razors =) and hope i can find a rare one too.

    - secondly we have a british presentation adjustable Aristocrat set H1 1962. the whole set is in good condition. only slightly signs of wear on the razor. some lost plating and the numbers are not still black. the inner lining of the case has some discolourations. otherwise the leathered case is in very good condition.

    - than we have one NOS unsued/mint very rare Gillette Shavette. i sold 4 of them in another thread (look here). they were sold only on limited market and you do not see them very often. bought a while ago, the shavettes from a retired employee who told me that they were produced in europe only. they can be used with half DE blades. one green shavette is used by myself but in very good condition too.

    - maybe here you can find a very cool xmas gift. it is a mint unopened blue blade package with 50 blades (5x10 dispensers) from the 1950s

    - at last we have a very special and extremly rare full mint container of 100 Chisel Blades (20x5 packages of chisel type 314) all are wrapped in foil from 1928. the outer shipper has a stamp "Samuel K. Faucett 5108 N. 15th ST., PHILA., PA." imagine: one package of 5 blades costs 50cent. that means the whole container has a value of $10. if you consider the inflation the value is the same like $135 today. just crazy... furthermore you get the proper chiropody chisel (marked "Gillette 403") which is very rare too.





  2. So are these for sale or are you wanting to trade?

    I don't believe make me an offer is allowed an if for sale a proper price should be listed.
  3. sorry for confusion. i want to trade it but if there is nobody i would sell them too. i thought i can add selling prices after 3days. if i brake any rules please let me know and i will add promptly the prices too. besides if i added prices and someone would buy it, i could not wait for trades any longer.
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  4. That Walbusch is amazing! :w00t: And I'm surprised the shavettes didn't all get scoop up when they posted a while back. I hope some good trades come your way.
  5. Does the Walbusch use standard DE blades or does it need any special blades?
  6. just standard DE blades you can use everyone like feather personna sharks gillette ... i used it with red personnas and the shaves are the best i ever had
  7. Hi: Have you sold/traded the Walbusch?

    i am interested in buying it. I have a Fasan Bakelite open comb slant, an Ikon S3S, a Merkur Futur, or a Neo-Ras bakelite extreme slant to possibly trade.
  8. this is history,dont sell this machine, never.keep it with you. a beautiful instrument,obsviously from germany,a great place for wet shave.
    i love old things with smell old things,like a old parfum ,tabac or speick or old razors.:001_cool:

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