FT/FS to UK/Europe: Open Comb Razor and Swedish Gillette and Gillette Bleue Extra

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  1. This is essentially a relist of some items.

    Firstly, I have one packet of Swedish Gillettes, containing 5 blades, and secondly, I have one packet of Gillette Bleue Extra, containing 10 blades.

    I also have an open comb razor, for which, however, I do not know the manufacturer. It does look very nice, only has a little damage to the coating (chrome, I assume) at the bottom, but only a little bit. I have had one shave with it, and it does feel very nice. I'm just not an open-comb fan.

    Here are two pictures of the razor:



    I would like to ask for £7 for the lot, with shipping to UK included. £8 for Europe, with shipping included.

    I would also be willing to trade the lot for 7 packets of Derby blades.
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  3. Razor has been sold, but the blades are still available.

    You can either buy them, or I will accept a trade.

    The swedish G's are £1.50, or 1 pack of DErby blades
    The Gillette Bleue Extra are £2 or 2 packs of Derby blades (10 blades).

    If you want to buy from Europe, then please add 50p to the amount.

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