FT/FS: Pinaud / Razor Stand / Colognes / Etc...

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  1. Vertical Safety Razor Stand: ($10 shipped)


    Bought off of Classic Shaving for $16 + shipping. Been sitting on my counter for about 3 weeks.

    Pinaud Clubman Clear Holding Pomade: ($5 shipped)


    Bought off of Classic Shaving. No longer available through them. Used once.

    I also have several bottles of cologne, most only used 10 times or so; you can PM me for exact percentages on how much has been used:

    Versace Metal - $15 shipped (75% full)

    Salvatore Ferragamo (Blue) - $20 shipped (80% full)

    Issey Miyake - SOLD

    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme - $20 shipped (80% full)

    Bvlgari Pour Homme - $20 shipped (75% full)

    Hugo Boss (50% left) - $5 shipped

    Penhaligon's Samples:
    Women's pack ($4 shipped)
    - Lily of the Valley
    - Lavendula
    - Elizabethan Rose
    - Artemisia
    - Blenheim Bouquet

    I will also consider trades for other creams / colognes / supplies. Cheers!

  2. Quick question. Sorry I am new and was wondering what is the Penhaligon's Samples, womens pack. My wife saw them with me here and we were wondering.
  3. I just called it a "women's pack" because they are all women's scents. :biggrin:

    They are all new, but without the packaging (little paper booklet that they come in). They are tubes (about 50% larger than your normal sample tube) with the scent name printed on them.
  4. Prices lowered!

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