FT: Cased Double Ring

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  1. Hey,

    I have a double ring that I may be willing to trade.. I want a really good offer though and this is what I have in mind.
    If you have a Plisson HMW in two band in any size from 6-12 and would trade it, I may be willing to trade you my double ring. I may also be interested in a Rooney Finest Stubby 1 or 2. Here's the thing though. I'd like this trade to have something like a one week period after we have both received our items where we are both allowed to undo the trade if we want. PM me to work out the details.
    I think this would work well, since I have a good track record on the BST (except for one item which was damaged because I didn't pack it as well as I should have. The buyer and I discussed the issues and how to go forward and I've learned my lesson:blushing:). I'm looking for someone else with a good track record here to do the trade. Let me know if you're interested
    Here are some pictures

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  2. Wow, not something you see every day on the BST!! A cased double ring!!:ohmy:
  3. I would have no hesitation entering a transaction like this with a member like heirkb. Unfortunately I don't have anything to match this offer, or I'd be queueing up now. Good luck!
  4. The double ring that binds them all.
  5. Thanks Christian!
  6. Added a Rooney Stubby 1 or 2 in Finest to the list of items I'll trade for.
  7. Bump.
  8. lol nice one sir
  9. Bump.
  10. Here's a bump on this guy.
    At this point, I'll take a two band Plisson in sizes 10, 12 and 16. If you want to buy me one from Vintageblades, PM me. If you want to pay me the price it'd cost for me to buy myself one, also PM me.

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