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  1. The razor heads for Brooklyn and Gemma, who makes me a brush in trade for the razor, thanks Gemma and B&B!

    Got this one a while back, but after shaving with it a few times, I've found that it just don't suit me.
    I'm not 100% sure how I should grade the condition, but I think it would be at least Very Good.
    The handle has the usual hair line crack on top, but it's so fine it doesn't show on the pics.
    I also got one blade box that's not in the pics, but I'm not sure if it is the right one for the set.
    As far as I can see there's no plate loss, but there is a crack around where the stud is mounted in the headplate as you can see in the pic.
    Serial number is: E250383

    I would like to trade this one for another razor or a nice brush.
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  2. Are there any engravings on the comb or under the head of the razor? (ex: Gillette diamond symbol)
  3. There are diamonds ingraved under the head, I also noticed that there are a tiny dent on the side of the top plate, and some scratches on the underside of the top plate.

    Tried to make it as visible at possible in the picture.

    Edit: I made a red ring around the dent, but it's almost invisible, it's just underneath the diamond.
  4. I thought the engraving was on the inside of the comb and under the head.

    PM is sent.
  5. Nice made in England set!

  6. British razors have a different type of serialno. I think.
  7. Sweet looking Single Ring!! :w00t::biggrin1:
  8. This is the different type on the bottom of the handle.
    And there is no Made in USA on the razor or the case.
  9. I compared with the pics in wiki, and can't see any difference on the handle, I also checked mr-razor's site, but the image of the same set didn't have any production country info, but I think I have read somewhere that the made in USA text not came utill later?
    As I said I'm not sure about this, so please enlighten me.
  10. So far as I know the British had the serial number at the bottom of the handle and neither of the USA razors did. They had a patent number or date on that spot. But maybe mr-razor himself can help us.
  11. This pic from Wiki is under the US Gillette's, here are the serial at the same place.

  12. How the h*** could you see that? :w00t:
    All I can see is that there is some kind of text/numbers.
  13. I've also seen it alive on my razors:001_smile
  14. Ah, that makes it a bit easier.
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