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Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by dash, May 22, 2012.

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  1. I have a Wilkinson Sticky that I haven't used in some time.

    Just the razor, though I may be able to include a tub of shaving soap.

    $65 shipped ion the US.
  2. pics?
  3. saf


  4. Man what a deal on a sticky. This is the first one of these I've ever seen come up for sale.
  5. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator Contributor

    You can see it?
  6. Nah just remarking on the price.
  7. i suspect there is a line up of sorts on this one. perhaps its futile to ask at this point, but what kind of shape is it in?
  8. OK, I'm going to own I don't know what a Wilkinson sticky is. Little help here. Thanks.
  9. rare de razor produced by wilkinson commonly referred to as the "sticky" because the grip gets a sort of tacky/sticky feel to it when it becomes wet.
    a most handsome razor to my eyes. OP has offered up one for an excellent price, depending on condition, which is my big question at the moment.

    hope that helps.
  10. That was great.
    Thank you!
  11. my pleasure. hopefully a picture comes about, though again, I would think this razor is spoken for by now.
  12. Yeah, past Stickies (in excellent condition) have sold for at least $110. Some, usually cased, have sold for over $200. I am curious (at this point academically) at what the photos reveal.
  13. Is the Stickie sold?
  14. Excellent price on a sticky!
  15. any update on this sticky situation? err...
  16. I've been away. Not really, but my Windows installation has! Black screen where my Windows files used to be, Windows repair installation says I have no Windows on the system!? etc.
    I bought this long enough ago, I don't remember what I paid for it.

    The item is in good shape and I've used off and on for a while.

    $stk2.jpg $1stk2.jpg
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  17. The Wilkinson Sticky is sold.
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