FS: Unused Mint NOS Simpson Chubby 3, Best Badger

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  1. I will never use this, so I am letting it go. Hopefully to a collector where it can stay in mint condition...:tongue_sm. But if you would like to use it, it'll be a great brush... Oh, and this isn't another April Fools joke... :001_rolle

    Product: Pre-fix Simpson Chubby 3, Best Badger

    $200 Shipped CONUS, $205 elsewheres (USD)

    Here's a picture from Tswebster's sale post:
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  2. :oops:

    I forgot to add in the description that this is a Pre Vulfix Simpson Chubby...:001_rolle
  3. That used to be mine! I sold it to Webster! It's destined to circle the globe, forever unused!!!!
  4. ...and I can confirm that this was one of the very last to come out of the Gentleman's Shop, last year.
  5. :lol: Maybe it'll go to Canada this time, or the Netherlands...

    Thanks for the info, looks like this has been passed down 3 times so far, soon to be 4...
  6. lol! I make that 2 times - and still unused! This is truly a collector's piece!
  7. jkh


    You guys need to start slapping country/city stickers on this brush, so it looks like a well traveled suitcase :tongue:
  8. No love for the Prefix Chubby? I'm not gonna leave this on here for too long as I am reluctant to sell it even now...
  9. :lol::lol::lol:
  10. WHAAAAT! :eek: This still here?!!!! There can't be too many of these left on the planet now! And MINT too! What's the matter with people? I'd be tempted to buy this back, only I'm skint after indulging my new-found RAD!
  11. +1 :lol:
  12. Still here, and very surprised that it still is... I'm taking it off the market today if I dont get any takers.
  13. hello friend. I am very new at selling/buying stuff at B&B although I've been reading the site for some time now. How do you guys receive or send funds? A check, pay pal, cash?? If someone decides to purchase from a seller, how can he be sure that the products or the seller is honest?
  14. Hi There,
    Typically, you can assume paypal is the preferred payment method unless stated otherwise.

    On purchasing, there are a few rules that help keep the BST in check, check out the Sticky up top. Also, a good way to make sure you dont get jipped is to check their post history. Generally, if members try to take advantage of other members they will not be around long as the Ninja Mods are always watching...:ninja:
  15. I can vouch for this particular brush! I bought the blighter last spring. It was one of the very last of the original Simpsons Chubbys to come from The Gentelmans Shop, here in England. I never got round to using it, as my personal taste was veering towards the smaller brush and my finances being what they were, I couldn't justify to myself keeping such a high end product, just to look at. A member TWebster (from Australia) bought it from me, and he in turn sold it to the present owner. I can see from the photographs that it's just as pristine as the day I unwrapped the parcel! It's still totally mint! These are pretty hard to come by now.

    As to the trustworthiness of the members here - I have personally bought and sold all kinds of gear from folk all around the globe, with never a single problem. I gather you're a newer member. Perhaps you've come across 'PIFs', here? - ...Pay it forwards...This is where members actually GIVE AWAY stuff for free. For zilch, nada! This is the kind of people you meet here. I'd happily buy any member I've dealt with here a beer. I'm sure this view will be echoed. Good luck. I hope you'll be the one to end up with this brush. It's a collectors item already, and simply won't be around anymore.
  16. There's not way in the world I could buy this and not use it...so...I must pass! :tongue:
  17. I would definately use it. Life's to short not to enjoy:001_smile
  18. Well... You dont have to not use it... :lol:
  19. Will the buyer seal the gold logo with nail varnish before the baptism?
  20. Lol... Yah these handles do tend to lose the paint after awhile, nail polish will prevent that, at the cost of having a funny looking handle :lol

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