FS: Small Den Cleaning.

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  1. 24mm black acrylic handle with a TGN two band finest extra stuffed knot with a 45mm loft . Excellent condition and used less than a dozen times. $33 shipped CONUS. Add $4.50 for international shipping. SOLD

    Two new pucks of VDH Luxury scented shave soap (3.5oz) and one new tube of Godrej Deluxe Lather shaving cream (100g). $14 shipped CONUS only due to weight. SOLD
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  2. Has it lost ny hair the finest TGN??

    - Morten
  3. Seems like I remember two or three with the first lather and that's the only ones.
  4. I have a few brushes with the TGN 2 band knots and they are damn fine brushes.

    Soft tips, plenty of backbone, they release the lather, really - they just work great.

    This price is about 10 dollars less than it would cost you to make it yourself. :blink:
  5. $49.85 shipped from the golden nib right now.
    Plus cutting away 10mm of material to get the loft down to 45mm. I thought $33 shipped was a fair price. I see used slants sell for $35 all the time here when they can be bought new for $39 shipped from WCS and superior shave.
  6. All items have been sold. Thanks B&B.
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