FS: slant, Old spice lighthouse and Old Spice telescope

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  1. First up I have a 37c slant. I have had this slant for about 4 months. Its just not my favorite razor and wont get used anymore(I have to many). I have a merkur box ill ship it in, but its not the original. 28 dollars shipped.
    Next I have an Old Spice Lighthouse filled with clubman pinaud. 18 dollars shipped.
    Last I have a Old Spice Telescope filled with Masters bay rum. 18 dollars shipped. These bottles are in great shape no cracks or breaks. Conus
  2. Lol sorry forgot pics
  3. pm sent on slant.
  4. Slant sold
  5. I love my Merkur Slant. Its become my favorite. Hope you enjoy it Scottb
  6. lowered the prices of the old spice decanters to 16 dollars shipped for each one
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  7. PM sent
  8. all items are sold

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