FS: Simpsons Emperor 2, in 2-Band Supper

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    Brush = SOLD Thank you Stuart, and thank you B&B


    I have this very nice Emperor 2 for sale. I bought it for $69 here on the BST, this sale: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showth...oja-Manatiales-Soap-Martin-de-Candre-Simpsons

    My measurements are: 21mm knot and 47mm loft. I've seen the knot shaped described as "German Bulb". The 2-Band hair is quite nice, I find it as soft as the Simpsons Best, but with more backbone.

    In the end, the size and performance is too close to my Thater size 0 in 2-band, and it's just going to set unused on my shelf, so it might as well go to someone who will use it. I've used it three times, it has lost a hair or two in two of the three uses, which does not bother me, but you might consider it a mild shedder. Comes with original box, tissue wrapping paper, etc.

    Priced to sell, I'm not interested in trades at this time, Payment is by Paypal, Price includes CONUS first class shipping and Delivery Confirmation number. Will consider non-CONUS, but please PM for quote on additional shipping costs.



    $59 shipped CONUS

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  2. Geez, members are just giving stuff away today :). Good luck Moe but you don't need it. Your reputation and trust on this site is top notch, diamond status.

    Always wanted to try a Simpsons but my restores from the handles you sold me are keeping me happy for now.
  3. Dang!
  4. WAAAAAAAAAUW what a price!!!

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