FS: Simpson Commodore 3 brush, TOBS Rose, Bigelow (Proraso) cream, Blade Sampler

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    I need funds for other products so here we go:

    All prices include CONUS shipping. The brush and the creams will be shipped in boxes with tracking numbers.
    If you see a "PM sent", that doesn't mean the item has been sold. Please assume all items available until I write "SOLD" next to an item.
    Paypay only. I am not interested in trades. Please PM your questions and offers.

    1. SOLD Thanks B&B! Commodore x3 in Best (Height 100mm, Loft 50mm, Knot 24mm). Retails for 82 at westcoastshaving. Great brush with no issues. The only reason I'm selling it is that I prefer smaller brushes. $65 shipped. SOLD

    2. Bigelow (same exact cream as Proraso) 5.2 OZ brand NEW tube. TOBS Rose 5.2 OZ tub with at least 50% remaining. $17 shipped.

    3. Blade Sampler includes: 9 Feather blades, 5 ASCO, 5 Astra SP, and 5 Personna RP blades. $9 shipped.

    Take $3 off if you purchase two listings and $8 off if you purchase all three listings.

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  2. PM sent on Simpson Commodore x3

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