FS: Shaving Soaps & Creams - La Toja Manantiales, D.R. Harris, Trumper's and T&H

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  1. I have for sale the following shaving soaps and creams, prices quoted include shipping, and payment is via Paypal:

    1. La Toja Manantiales shaving soap without the wooden bowl (used twice) - $24 $21 $19

    2. D.R. Harris' Almond shaving soap refill (used once) - $15 **SOLD**

    3. Geo F. Trumper's Limes shaving soap refill (used once) - $17 **SOLD**

    4. Geo F. Trumper's Violet shaving cream in a bowl (used twice) - $24 $21 $19

    5. Truefitt & Hill's Rose shaving cream in a bowl (used once) - $24 $21 **SOLD**

    PM me if you are interested in buying.

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  2. Had to be Rose. Couldn't be 1805 or Grafton. Darn.
  3. What does the La Toja Manantiales weigh? How is it wrapped?
  4. The soap weighs 150g, it came in the wooden bowl, but I passed that on, it will be wrapped securely.
  5. Prices reduced on remaining soaps/creams.
  6. Just the La Toja Manantiales and Trumper's Violet left.. both reduced to $19 each! **SOLD**

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