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    Up for sale is a Savile Row 3322 silvertip brush that I purchased new about a year ago but have only used a handful of times (certainly less than 10). The face feel and flow through on this brush is fantastic and it has not lost a single hair in the time that I have used it. It goes for $106.50 new...I would like $75 shipped CONUS or $80 shipped worldwide.

    The dimensions as listed on Qedusa are:

    Brush measurements:
    - Handle height = 47mm (1.85")
    - Hair height = 52mm (2.05")
    - Total height = 99mm (3.90")
    - Knot size [hair diameter at base] = 22mm (0.87")
    - Grip ring [narrow part of handle] = 32mm (1.26")
    - Base of handle = 36mm (1.42")

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    The Savile Row brush has been sold.

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