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  1. I am selling my Saddleback Leather Briefcase, in dark tobacco, size XL. This is the vintage dark tobacco color, which is darker than the current version. It has the suede lining, which you can still order for an extra $25, over the current list price of $607. It is about a year old, and has the normal lovely patina and light scratches, and is beautifully broken in for the new owner.

    Details can be found on Saddleback's homepage: http://www.saddlebackleather.com/ca...products/1651-Leather-Briefcase-Tobacco-Brown

    Dimensions from the Saddleback page: 18"w X 13"h X 9"d (45.72cm X 33.02cm X 22.86) Weighs approx. - 8 lbs.

    These bags last forever, and in case you did not know, it has a 100 year guarantee.

    I am only asking $425 $399 plus shipping, which is $25 by insured UPS. Paypal, and CONUS only please.




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  2. Nice looking..very Indiana Jonesey brifcase..good luck with the sale!!

    I mean, we've seen a Gillette 195, a near-mint Toggle, a Darwin DE, and now... now... THIS THING all in the past two days. My heart cannot sustain this sort of excitement. Nor can my wallet, which is why none of these things is mine.
  4. I've always wanted one of these. Wonder if I can live in it? Because if i bought it I think my wife would make me. If you see a homless guy with a Saddleback briefcase you'll know that's Walker from B&B
  5. Wow! What a spectacular guarantee (100 years) from a company that's been around for a decade!


    "Pity the fool"--Mr. T
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  7. Isaac

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    Ray, I have had mine for over a year and can not seem to get it to sit the way that yours does. Mine leans forward when placed on a flat surface. Did you do any type of work to get it to sit the way it does?
  8. Nothing I did, Isaac. It just sits ok.
  9. Why is this still here? You can't find one of these for this price anywhere and these things are built like tanks. I have had one of these for about 8 months and I use it everyday, it still isn't 'broke' in.
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  11. Ray that is a nice bag. I have carried a combination of Hartman and Zero Halliburton for 25 years. My Halliburton went missing a couple of weeks ago and I have just about given up getting it back. I did not plan to replace it until the first week of November. (my next paypday) If your bag has not sold and still want to sell it at that time please pm me. Hopefully you will have it sold today as that is your intent. Nice bag and a wonderful price. Thanks
  12. One time price drop to $399 + shipping.
  13. Thanks. Never tried a Halliburton, but I did use a Hartmann daily for about 8 yrs. Wonderful bag, but the Saddleback leather and construction are just so much more robust.
  14. Bag is sold. Thanks.
  15. Congrats to both buyer and seller. If I hadn't recently commissioned a one off custom from Mitchell Leather I'd have to have given this one serious thought. SaddleBack products are built like tanks!

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