FS: Rooney/Olde Apothecary Shop 2/1 Super

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  1. SOLD Thank you B&B.

    This is a Rooney 2/1 rebranded Olde Apothecary Shop that I recently got from fellow B&Ber Napoleon. From what I've been able to gather (and correct me if I'm wrong) these were early prototypes of Rooney brushes that Lee Sabatini himself sold on eBay around the time that he acquired Rooney. It's a very nice brush, but I've decided to bite the bullet and go Finest, so this brush (and then some) has to go. I'm asking the same as I paid for it: $50 shipped.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. joshmpdx

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    Great looking brush!

    I love the Style 2 handle with that short bulb shaped loft.
  3. jkh


    That is really cool!

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