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  1. SOLD

    Still financing my recent SRAD. I have more pictures I can post later. It is a very unique, highly figured, ebony Plisson 12 with European White bristles. It is non-shedder in excellent condition. It will come with its original box. $185 CONUS or $190 outside CONUS.
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  2. :drool: good thing my SBAD has subsided.
    Great looking brush. What is that nice looking straight razor in the photo?

    Good luck with the sale Chris. :thumbup:
  3. For the Holy Grail of brushes, at a nice savings, I must resist!
  4. How much use has it had?
  5. That is a Revisor that has custom horn scales by Maximilian.

    I have had it about 2 months and used in rotation with about 10 other brushes. I would estimate no more than 15 shaves, maybe less.
  6. :w00t: wow
  7. PM sent, although it's hard to believe that this isn't gone already...
  8. Got it! Woo hoo! My first Plisson!
  9. A fine brush that has found a new home with a fine gentleman and a stable of fine brush-mates.:thumbup::thumbup1:
  10. beginish

    beginish Moderator

    Congrats on a great sale and pick up!
  11. Warning: you have just stepped onto a very slippery slope. Enjoy that phenomenal looking brush! :w00t:
  12. You know not what you have done my friend. :lol: Congrats on a fine brush, I have the same thing in a #10. :thumbup1:

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