FS Plisson #10 Faux Tortoise

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  1. BACK ON THE MARKET Plisson #10 Faux Tortoise w/ black badger. This is a SCRUBBY little brush that looks like a Million Bucks and does very well with soaps primarily. The Black Badger is very scritchy and dense. It is NOT Floppy but rather dense. I purchased it from Gareth of SMF a bit ago and have used it maybe a dozen times or less. I have a Simpson Polo 8 on the way and I need to "thin the herd". The picture shows other quality items that are NOT for sale. I'm Selling for Less than I paid at $85.00 Shipped CONUSA. Shipping would occur on Wednesday due to travel schedule. Immediate Paypal following a PM stating your purchasing interest. It also comes with the distinctive Blue Plisson box and original "instruction" booklet.
  2. PM Sent for the black beauty.
  3. I aim to please...this BEAUTY is BACK on the MARKET.... First come First served via PM. I will be away from my computer from 7 pm EST to Around Midnight perhaps.
  4. I'll buy your W&B barbers notch which looks like a 5/8?

    Just kidding, sorry couldn't resist :tongue_sm
  5. PM Sent
  6. Backup PM sent....
  7. SOLD by 7 minutes to Kyle. if he doesn't take it..back up buyers is noted

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