FS: Old Spice Shaving Mugs

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  1. The first two pics are of an Early Glass mug from 1961-1964. This is one of the last mugs produced without a lip around the top rim. Sold

    The third and fourth pics or of a Late Glass mug from 1968-1974. Notice it has the lip around the rim and the ship is identified as the Grand Turk which sailed out of Salem in 1786. $17 shipped CONUS.

    Both are in excellent condition with no cracks, nicks or scratches. NOTE: I had badly underestimated the shipping cost, so I've had to adjust the price on the remaining mug. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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  2. So what is the height/depth of the mug and the bottom interior diameter?


  3. Bob, The Grand Turk mug measures 2 3/16" high exterior, 1 15/16" interior depth. The outer the inner diameter, if my calculations are correct, is 2 7/8".
    The other mug has a sale pending.
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  6. These are nice mugs. I am shocked that there is still one available.
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  9. This mug is going to eBay at the end of the day. Thanks.
  10. Taking it to the Bay.
  11. Just wanted to Thank B&B and Rick for sending me such a great deal! My package came in VERY quick, and was wrapped superbly well! Very good job! Will be happy to do business with him and B&B again!

    The item was also just as advertised, and in Excellent condition!
  12. i have one of these and love the look f it =)
  13. Like a tabac mug but with a handle:smile:

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