FS: Near Mint Fat Handled Tech

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  1. For sale is a superb example of this fabled razor. It is in Near Mint condition. The razor head has a mirror, virtually flawless finish. It is one of the most forgiving of razors and figures as my standby travel razor and in many people's daily rotation. Its a wonderful razor to start one's wet shaving experience with since you have to work at nicking yourself with this one. $16 Paypal/ConusSold Thank you B&B

    The pictures say it all.
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  2. love it, is this the canadian version?
  3. Would it say made in Canada?
  4. In the last picture, if you'll look in the lower RH corner of the underside I think it says "Made in USA".

    I have one just like it and that's what mine says.
  5. Looks like USA in the pictures. Either way, it looks awesome and a good price!
  6. Jatte, its the USA version.
  7. PM sent with question
  8. Argh! I just sent a pm too, but I think you beat me!!

    Sigh...it's hard to be a newb and get good stuff in here. Everyone else snatches them up before I get a chance. Does everyone sit, watch, and refresh the BST all day? :confused:
  9. wow. you are almost giving this away.
    Regarding timings, i'm sure you are not alone Improv. Take solace you are in the best timezone for what the Americas have to offer!
  10. I'm certain there will be other techs for sale soon.
  11. Whew! Looks like I got lucky. Thanks for initiating me in the BST, Darjeeling!

    (I can see how this can get VERY addicting. I've been browsing here for the last few days and this is not going to help!) :w00t:
  12. So you're the one who snatched it out from under my nose!

    Nah, its ok. As long as it gets a nice home.

    Enjoy the tech and let me know if you ever decide to sell :wink:
  13. Aw don't blush you'll make me feel bad :tongue_sm

    Lets just look at it this way, you've done my a favor by not letting me spend money I shouldn't spend :wink:
  14. Well then, you're VERY welcome. Glad I can do you this service. I fully expect you to repay me in kind someday!

    (I'll alert you to some deal that I really should NOT be tempted by!)
  15. A very nice example and buy :wink:
  16. haha sounds like a plan!
  17. Josh, I heartily agree, there will be many more Fat Techs for sale. Gillette made millions of them, literally, but some say its their favorite razor. I too am glad this is going to Improv, what better introduction to this hobby. (He's getting a d. shiny one too!)
  18. Here's hoping I find one that is just as pretty :p
  19. NICE SCORE !!! Great price too. :w00t:

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