FS: Merkur 3-piece Futur Shaving Set Polished Chrome

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  1. ​​Price Reduction.I now fit into the category of having to free up some space in my shave den. This set has been great, but I have gravitated toward larger brushes and smaller razors. I will sell the set for $175.00 shipped Conus. Price reduced to $157.50.

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  2. That's a good deal, somebody should snatch that up. The Futur is a great shaver, this is a good start for a newbie, as u get the razor, a quality brush and stand. Sharp looking set, and a good price too! Didn't that set come with a little bowl too? Or am I mistaken.
  3. There was a similar set with a frosted bowl but this set did not come with a bowl. There was also a set like this one but with a satin finish. Thannks for your comment.
  4. The 4 piece set (bowl, stand, brush, and razor) comes with a different style stand

  5. Great knot in those brushes!
  6. A28


    this still available?

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