FS: Max Sprecher Custom Straight Razor; Rudy Vey Chubby; New Forest 2201

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    This is my cherished and beautiful Max Sprecher Custom Straight Razor that I have only had for a short while. I have to let this go strictly for financial reasons as other than my wedding ring, this is the most valuable item I own! I am going into business for myself and the funds are necessary.

    Anyway, it is a beautiful 7/8 blade that is a 1/2 hollow grind. The scales are G10 Jade Ghost with a red recon stone wedge. This razor has been shaved with approximately 3 or 4 times. The quality of my photos are not great due to lighting, but more can be seen here:


    I paid $550 for this razor. I am looking for $500 and that includes insured shipping within CONUS. Razor will come with original box. I hope this goes to a very good home. **SOLD**


    #2: *Reduced* Next up are two brushes. The first is a Rudy Vey Chubby 2 style with a TGN finest knot. The measurements of the knot are 26mm x 49mm. Very dense brush with excellent backbone. I paid $80 and I am looking to get $60 $55 including shipping within CONUS. ***SOLD***

    *Reduced* I am also selling my New Forest 2201 which was my go to brush for a very, very long time. Brush never shed a bristle and is one of the best all around brushes I have used. I do not remember what I paid, but I am not discounting this one as much. I am looking for $40 $35 $30 including shipping within CONUS.

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  2. Nice razor!
  3. Nice Razor!!!
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  4. Great looking razor!

    Sad to hear that you have to part with it, but I wish you luck on your business!
  5. Best of luck with the sale and the new business!
  6. PM inquire.
  7. Awesome razor!
    Someone needs to give that RV chubby a home.
  8. rearviewmirror

    rearviewmirror Moderator Emeritus

    best of luck on the new business!
  9. Max is an artist of the first order, and I've heard glowing reports on how his handmade razors shave! That is certainly beautiful, and if I had a spare $500, it would be gone right now!

    Best of luck in your new endeavor, Frank!
  10. Thank you everyone. If it were not for the dire need for an influx of cash, this razor would be staying put. It is in the process of finding a new home (and a very worthy one) as we speak.
  11. Reduced the price on the New Forest 2201. May have been asking a little too much.
  12. That is a gorgeous razor! Good luck with all of your endeavors.
  13. Razor is sold. Both brushes have been reduced!

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