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  1. OK so here's the deal I am a bit of an impulsive guy and when I find I have extra money to burn I spend it. To make a long story short I found myself in a position yesterday to buy a 360 Elite model for a really decent price but I had just like 2 month ago bought the Pro model. The elite has a 120 gb HDD while the pro has the 60 GB, for those who don't know. Anyway being impulsive like I am I bought it. Now I have a like new XBox 360 Pro model with Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda. The only things open on this are the controller and the console Everything else is sealed. Batteries for the controller are sealed as well. Comes with the Games, 60 GB Hard Drive, Headset, HDMI Cable, Component Cables, Wireless Controller and tons of good times. (through the last in for the cheese factor) Anyway it's $230 for the machine and costs $20 for shipping CONUS. Remember the Pro in the store does not come with the HDMI Cable which would cost anywhere from $10 to $60 new as this is.
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  2. Edited the price. This is $50 off what you can buy it for at the store after shipping.
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  4. wanna trade for a Wii with 2 complete set of remotes and a 64 type controller plus a few games?
  5. Oh damn I wish dude my wife would strangle me. Oh I really wish lol. Papa is evil with the temptation.

    No must resist I promised my wife I would take her on vacation and some of the money that I spent on the elite needs to come back to cover that. Yes I am stupid. :tongue_sm
  6. I'm tempted, but I'm resisting for now. If its still around come pay day, that may be another story :eek:)
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    So since it comes with an HDMI cable, is it safe to assume that this 60GB model has an HDMI port as well?

    Just want to make sure, before I justify the PM I'm thinking about sending. :rolleyes:
  8. It does of course have an HDMI port. The 360 is a 1080p capable machine however when you buy the Pro it only comes with the regular component cables no HDMI they make you get that on your own. When you buy the elite it has an HDMI cable included, so since I already bought one for my pro I figured I'd include the one from my Elite for the buyer.
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