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  1. I'll upload pics later this evening, but I have a Kent BK4 in excellent condition for sale with case. It's a very luxurious brush, but I'm selling off stuff to try to buy a big ticket item. Asking $55 shipped CONUS + actual shipping International.

  2. PM sent...
  3. dammit! what am I thinking????

    helping Paul with his big ticket might just postpone MY Big Ticket!!!!
  4. Just think of it this way - all the money you're saving with his good pricing will add up to what you're saving for. :biggrin:
  5. That's what I'm talking about! :w00t:

    Brush sold pending funding.
  6. Backup PM sent.
  7. Enabler. Admit it. :biggrin:
  8. So this is the BK4 you bought, Jon! Nice play to support Paul's habit! :001_tongu

    ...and congratulations to you and Paul.
  9. Thanks:w00t:
  10. I feel like a you guys are playing me like a cheap violin.

    thanks, B&B.
  11. Arrghhh... If only I hadn't had an appointment tonight - that was an absolute steal of a price for KB4. I'd let my self get played like a cheap violin anytime to scoop up a bargain like that. Enjoy the brush Jon!
  12. Someone's itching for a Plisson.....:biggrin:
  13. got the brush FAST - thanks, Paul (thanks, B&B).

    used it today - very very nice. I recently traded off a BK8 - this little brother is reminiscent, but... retains the cushiony softness of the 8 but because of its size it is a little stiffer.

    a nice brush - glad I have one, finally.
  14. Your on a roll! Go on and get that PJ2 2 band while you're at it :tongue_sm

  15. I am now looking for something... in French....

    hahhahaha - and the '09 LE, of course!

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