FS: Kent BK-12 Silvertip (32 mm brush)

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  1. Gentleman shavers,

    I'm offering up a Kent BK-12 Silvertip for sale. It's a beautiful 32 mm knot brush.

    Not to worry, I've not gone insane :eek:, merely simplifying my life gents, thinning out my rather large collection of brushes and razors. :thumbup1:

    Here are some pix:

    More pix available if desired. The brush is 1.5 years old and is available in its original holder pictured above (great for if you want to take it on the road)

    It's the biggest brush Kent offers and makes for an incredibly luxurious shave:badger: :thumbup: :badger: :thumbup: :badger: .

    Info available at Kent BK-12

    Price is $160 + $5 shipping (USPS Priority) via Paypal
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  2. Mustafa,
    Great to see you around! Don't be a stranger! :smile:
  3. BUMP Up.

    I'll post on e-bay next week...looking for reasonable offers.

    PM when able

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