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  1. I have a pack of 6 Honeybee Soap for sale. 2 Unscented 1 Ye Olde Barbershop 1 Coffee Mocha 1 Almond 1 Vetyver. Only the Vetyver has been used it has about 60 % left. I paid $31 for the pack shipped and I would like to get $25. Pm if interested. CONUS only. Paypal preferred. Thanks!
  2. Are these soaps in jars?
  3. The soaps are not in jars. They wrapped in cellophane. All except the vetyver. BUMP
  4. Bump...
  5. Bump
  6. Tinzien

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    Please try to follow a 24 hour bump versus a 12 hour.

    That said I'm interested in the coffee mocha if you should decide to break up the lot after a period of time.
  7. Sorry for the successive bumps. Oh Bump again I think I am ok this time.

    Also I'll throw in a tube of Real Shaving Co. Sensitive Shave Cream used 4 or 5x and 1 Feather and 1 Sharp brand blade.
  8. OK its time I break up the lot. $4.50 per puck shipped in CONUS. The Vetyver comes with the tube of Shave Cream. PM if interested.
  9. Bump
  10. PM sent for the Coffee Mocha.
  11. PM sent for vetyver
  12. Coffee Mocha and Vetyver are sold pending payment.
  13. payment sent for Coffee Mocha.
  14. Ditto on the vetyver
  15. PM sent for the almond.
  16. PM sent for Ye Olde Barbershop.
  17. Coffee Mocha and Vetyver are sold.
    Almond and Ye Olde Barbershop are sold pending payment.
  18. Ye Olde Barbershop is sold.
  19. Almond sold.

    2 pucks of Unscented are all that remains!

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