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  1. Greetings,
    I'm selling two hones, a badger brush, and a tub of TOBS Rose; if my prices seem too high please feel free to tell me. Also, will sell all items together for $70 shipped. CONUS only.

    First up is a Chinese Natural (will re-lap before shipping if desired), aka PHIG, CHUG, etc. Used about 3 times, basically brand new condition. $36 shipped. Maybe sold - pending payment.
    [​IMG] $gOfXC.jpg
    As you can see the top is darker - that side was used with Olive oil, some noobs here indicated that it wouldn't soak in.:blink:

    Next is a Swaty barbers hone from WhippedDog. Will lap before shipping if requested. $12 shipped. SOLD - Pending payment

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  2. The brush is from WhippedDog, a 30mm black pure badger hair with a chipped pottery handle (the handle seems fine, but there are hairline cracks from falling) $18 shipped

    Lastly an almost brand new tub of TOBS Rose. I used it maybe 4 times, didn't like it compared to Tabac.
    $12 shipped. SOLD

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  3. Krodor

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    I've got one of those knots in a different handle. It's my daily driver lather-monster along with an Omega. Nice brush. Good luck!
  4. PM sent on TOBS
  5. PM me about the barbers stone? Can have money in paypal by the 26th

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