FS: Guerlain Homme INTENSE EDP Fragrance

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  1. First of all let me tell you that I absolutely love this fragrance. It's very potent (1 or 2 sprays is all you need with this one unlike the original). It's sexier and darker than the original, and you can wear this day or night, and all four seasons. I already have a back up bottle of this. So i'm selling one which is 99% full, with box. This fragrance is not seen in any stores. Only sold at the Guerlain boutique.

    Price is $59 shipped. (this fragrance goes for $98 in Guerlain stores)

    Send me a PM if interested.
    Thanks guys.

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  2. Not that I doubt you, but I have seen this fragrance on Amazon. Is this different than the one I am seeing there? If so, can you point me to a description of the fragrance?
  3. As i mentioned above. It's not sold in any stores. Meaning any physical store like macy's, nordstroms, sacks, etc... Guerlain boutique is the only physical store you can find it at for $98, and that's where I got 2 bottles from when I was in LAs Vegas for christmas.
  4. Ok... just wanted to make sure it was the same stuff. I'm sending you a pm on this.
  5. your mail box is full
  6. Sale still going
  7. pm sent
  8. Payment sent. Dooliano, your inbox is full.
  9. Sold.

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