FS: Gold Aristocrat in a ratty case -- $35

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  1. SOLD!!

    I have up for sale a user-grade Gold Aristocrat. I believe it is a 40's Aristocrat as it has no date code.

    There is plating loss all over -- on the doors and the safety bars, as well as in places on the handle. The TTO mechanism works really well and the razor shaves well. It's just not a collector's item.

    The blade holder is in decent shape but also has some plating loss.

    The case is ratty, as stated, though the outside is fine. It looks purple to me with some gold trim. The silkscreen is a little frayed, but the logo and Aristocrat name are clear. It has only the barest remnants of the felt lining left.

    I'm asking $35 shipped CONUS for this razor. Please let me know if the price is out of line.

    Payment is to be by Paypal using the 'personal' tab. If you prefer the 'purchase' tab, then there'll be a $3 fee to cover the Paypal costs.





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  2. PM sent
  3. I think that it looks pretty good for 60 yrs old.
  4. Still available.
  5. PM sent
  6. SOLD!!!

    Thanks mkevenson and B&B.

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